Wedding on the Spirit of Baltimore : Beth and Jeremy

Today I bring you one of my favorite surprises from last year : the awesomeness of Beth and Jeremy.  Every so often (though not quite as much as in the past anymore), I’ll book a wedding without ever having met or spoken to the couple. Beth and Jeremy are in the the Coast Gaurd and live in Florida so all of our interactions were by email. So, I showed up to their wedding day without knowing who to expect — and I was completely blown away by how incredibly fun and wonderful this couple was. Beth, Jeremy, and their friends and family could not have been more lovely. Speaking of family — check out these dresses(!) — Beth’s mom made all the bridesmaid dresses AND Beth’s wedding dress! (If she isn’t a seamstress for hire, she should be!!) Beth and Jeremy  and their wedding party were definitely one of the most fun groups that I had the privilege of taking pictures for last year. They had amazing energy and enthusiasm and I loved every moment I got to cruise around the Baltimore Harbor with them.

  • Beth Runco

    You take such amazing pictures Annabelle! Thank you for being our photographer :)

  • deacon Bob gignilliat

    great pics. great blog.

  • Christie Connell

    Beth, you look stunning! All the bridal party pics are so fun! Very happy for you two!

  • Becca Stevick

    It was such a wonderful wedding and the photos are amazing. They really capture the joy of the day! And look at that flower girl…super cute ;)

  • leslie

    These are some of the best wedding pictures I have seen!!

  • Lisa Runco

    The entire wedding week was unbelievable, and these pictures are amazing. I wish I could get all of them for our archives. Bravo Annabelle! You really captured perfectly the essence of Jeremy and Beth, and their Coastie lives. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics.

  • Rebecca

    These photos are all so awesome! Somehow, they were always captured at just the right moment. Wonderful job, Annabelle!

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