UMBC and Patapsco State Park Engagements : Joan and Peter

A few weekends ago, I met up with Joan and Peter for their engagement shoot in a location brought back a lot of memories for me: UMBC (otherwise known as University of Maryland, Baltimore County…and some other things, which I won’t list here, haha). It just so happens that I did my undergrad degree at UMBC, so it was really a blast from the past to be back on the campus.  More importantly, though, was that this is the place where Joan and Peter really connected and came together as a couple, even though they knew each other in high school.  I had a lot of fun wandering around and exploring the places that were their frequent haunts while they went to school there — like the wooden stairs in the Commons where they’d eat lunch or  the Rock Garden where they would read and share notes of love.  And, of course, no trip to UMBC would be complete unless we were chattered down by a squirrel, so we made sure to include that also.

After our shoot at UMBC, we headed over to the nearby Avalon area of Patapsco Valley State Park, where our plan was to hop on some swings and a playground.  Unfortunately, the swings were closed, but the sun and blue skies decided to make an appearance just as we got there, which was very exciting. Joan (being my type of girl and super awesome) thought it would be cool to get some shots in the river, which was super fun. Joan and Peter are such a fun and cute couple and I couldn’t have had a better time on this shoot!  I can’t wait for their wedding next year! :)

  • Tom

    These are great pictures. Can I say that you chose an excellent setting? :)

  • Jane Solly

    Wonderful pictures! I especially like the one where Pete is splashing Joan and the one where you are hiding behind your “Save the Date” signs. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  • Rashmi

    Ahhhhh, these are so cute! I love the one where you are looking over the signs. And the one where you are walking over the hill. And Joan, the one where Peter is splashing you in the river!

  • Rashmi

    Ooh, and the fourth one down. :)

  • ivy and jonathan

    What a beautiful couple and what great pictures. Congratulations!

  • Absolutely gorgeous engagement photos! I can’t even pick a favorite because every single shot is charming and wonderful in its own way! You two make such an adorable couple!

  • Sharon

    They were lovely pictures. I think I liked the ones on the bridge best. You could see the love they share in those pictures. Thanks for letting me see them.

  • Joe

    Great pictures! I look forward to the wedding ones.

  • Smitha

    Your pictures look awesome! I love all of them! I can’t even choose which one is the best! You guys look so happy! YAYAYAY!

  • Margaret and Jerry Lambert

    Great pictures. I love the mixture of the black and white. Honestly, all pictures absolutely great!!!

  • Helen

    Great photos – Beautiful couple, pictures and setting!!! Colors are so vibrant…love these photos.

  • Mitty

    Nice pictures. Good luck with everything. Date saved.

  • Anush

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The last two pictures are my favorite! I love how the colors are so bright and vibrant. Great photographer.

  • Joan "Annie" Cruz

    Awesome Pics…Beautiful Settings; very good choice, both of you looks wonderful Couples. I know that these pics will be a memorable one for all Friends and Family’s; can’t wait for October 7th 2012.

  • Ryan Kline

    Love the pics! my favorite has to be on the bridge when you guys are looking each other in the eyes! can’t wait for wedding photos.

  • Megan

    I love these! Along with everyone else, I love the ones where you are hiding behind the save the date sign and the ones in the river :)

  • Mike

    Terrific shots, thanks. The one where she is hugging him from behind, both in white and great smiles, is my fave.

  • Silpa

    I like the one where you guys are hiding behind the signs! So cute!

  • Ryan

    Great photos! I really like what you all did for the save the date shots. That’s a really good idea :) I like the save the date shot where your faces are hiding and you can only see your eyes.

  • Rachel

    So cute! You guys look great!

  • Krista

    I like them all!!! You guys are so cute. Joan you look so pretty :) and Peter you look very dapper.

  • GABE

    Oh man, these shots are really awesome! Congrats to both of you! Really like the ones of you both in the water. Also… are you going to invite the squirrel? =)

  • Jenn

    Amazing photos! I love them all, especially the save the date ones. What a great idea!

  • Shez

    OMG the pics are BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors, angles, composition, the setting (Go retrievers! lol) and of course YOU guys! You two look awesome and SO happy!! :D

  • Shez

    Oh and you should send in the one with the UMBC sign to the UMBC magazine (with the photographer’s permission of course). I’m sure they’ll LOVE to print it!

  • tora cruz

    I love all the pics that you took. Annabelle you really did a great job for my daughter and my son in law. Now i want to say that the best pics is the bridge. and all the black & white. I really brings great memories. Again thank you. tora

  • Lola Q. Edelo

    Joan and Pete the picture have a Beautiful Settings,great vibrantantare and you both look very beautiful and handson.
    Great posture and smile.

    Love Auntie Lo and Family

  • Carmen

    The pictures are amazing!! The colors are so vibrant and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the natural shots. The bridge photos are my favorite. Well that and the squirrel. hahaha. I cannot wait for the wedding and I am so happy Joan (and Peter) picked an AWESOME photographer. :)

  • Karen Nations

    So beautiful I am in tears! You both look fantastic and the pictures really capture you guys. It makes me so happy to see how much you love each other and I can’t wait until the wedding!

  • Lourdes Barcelo

    What a beautiful couple! Great pictures! Best of luck to Peter and Joan!

  • Monica

    I am a friend of your Moms (Tora) and she told me about your engagment pictures —- they are so beautiful, I like the different settings. My favorite is: STOP – SAVE THE DATE!

    So adorable and the professional photography is awesome.

    Congratuations on such a joyous occasion.


    GORGEOUS!!!! GORGEOUS!!! GORGEOUS!!!! The picture turned out sooo gorgeous Joan and Peter. I love them all. I can’t wait for the BIG day to come. The photographer capture the love you guys will share for a lifetime. I love you both… :-)

  • Barbara Solly - October 13, 2011 - 11:44 PM

    What joyful pictures! There is so much energy, excitment and happiness captured in each one. The one on the bridge where you are looking at each other, 5th in the bridge series, is my favorite. It reflects all that a bridge implies – going into a new life, in a wonderful world shown in the beauty of the setting, with change implied by the leaves on the deck of the bridge – but going there with the strength, vigor and your love for each other which the photograph portrays as you pause for a moment – just to be together. How lovely!

  • Amy Engelhart

    These are really beautiful pictures!! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Myriam

    These are wonderful!!! Love them. My fav is the two of you sitting on the bridge and the one of you holding the save the dates. Splashing each other is adorable! Can’t wait for the wedding! Great photos.

  • Christine

    The pictures look great!!

  • Jeanna


  • Rhonda........

    OMG,Joan and Peter,thanks so much for sharing these adorable,
    absolutely beautiful pics with me. Love them all especially
    the black and whites.Congrats on your engagement….you guys
    look so happy !!!:)

  • Derek

    Awesome pictures! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun on the shoot. You two look truly happy. :) Looking forward to the big day!

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