Turf Valley Wedding : Katie and Jim

There’s only a few more posts left to put up from the fall and today’s is one of my favorites.  As I was making a mental outline about what I wanted to say about Katie and Jim’s amazing and extremely fun wedding at Turf Valley, I had to remind myself that it’s good to keep things short.  But I could go on and on gushing about this wediding for a lot of reasons: 1) Katie and Jim are really fantastic people. Katie went to high school with me, actually, and we met doing theater together. I am so happy for her that she’s found such a sweet and kind person like Jim to share the rest of her life with. 2) As far as happy brides go, Katie just may have taken the cake on this one.  She was radiantly happy and I even heard many of her guests remark that they hadn’t seen such a happy bride.  She giggled and smiled all through the ceremony. Love it. 3) I love, love, love the details here.  From the first moment that Katie and Jim contacted me, they let me know that there was going to be a zebra print motif — and wow! There really was. From the guy’s pocket squares, to the bridesmaids shoes, to nearly every female guest’s dress (tons of zebra print!!), to the tables, and on and on. And I loved it. Zebra print and hot pink. <3 4) This was a really fun group of people. They not only did a lot of fun things, but also had GREAT ideas, including a “Bridesmaids” pose.  The guys also wanted to do a jump shot and, even though I often avoid them, they totally nailed it.  I really loved this group and this wedding and I hope you do too! :)

  • Kathy Hickey

    What fun to relive a wonderfully happy time, celebrating Katie and Jim’s wedding through your creative pictorial! Thank you.

  • Katie DH

    What great memories!

  • Beautiful work. LOVE the overhead shot!!!! Awesome!

  • Mary M Horenkamp

    These pictures are beautiful!! The wedding was delightful

  • June Higgins

    The love and fun of the wedding shine through every shot. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  • I’m absolutely in love with that shot of them amongst those yellow leaves! Beautiful work, Annabelle! :)

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