Sunny Spring Preview

I LOVE the sun. LOVE it. Not only do I love spending time in the sun, getting tan, and all the fun activities that come along with sunny days, as a photographer, I love shooting in the sun.  Nothing beats a gorgeous sunny day for shooting.

And do you know what yesterday was? A gorgeous sunny day. And guess what? I got to shoot! Haha. (Okay, I didn’t intend that to sound braggish, and now that I write it, it kinda does…:-P) In fact, I got to wander all over Georgetown, exploring the gorgeousness of that beautiful town. So here’s a preview image of my sunny, awesome shoot with a fantastic couple (whose wedding I am shooting in just a few weeks!). I can’t wait.

Oh, and just because I raved about the sun for so long, I figured…I’m gonna post something with some sun flare. Of course. Love it. Have a fabulous day!


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