St. Alphonsus and Tabrizi’s Wedding in Baltimore : Chrissy and Steve

Out of all the brides I’ve ever worked with, if I had to hand out an award for most enthusiastic (and knows how to show it!) it would have to go to Chrissy. She has a wonderful, happy demeanor that just makes you smile. But one of the fun things about doing this wedding was seeing how well Steve’s personality compliments hers. They’re a dynamic couple who know how to be affectionate and down-to-earth but also let loose and party! Their wedding at St. Alphonsus Church in downtown Baltimore was exquisite followed by an absolutely rocking reception at Tabrizi’s — this group was so excited to get out there and dance that the floor was full even during moments of dinner time!  Patrick and I had a wonderful time working with Chrissy and Steve and their families and I know they’ve got a bright and exciting future life ahead of them.

Baltimore Wedding Photography-1-3

Baltimore Wedding Photography-1-2

Baltimore Wedding Photography-27


  • Chrissy

    Wow! These are amazing!! You definitely helped make this day so memorable. It is great to relive the moments!!

  • Marlene Schiech

    What beautiful pictures!! Chrissy and Steve you are meant to be together. The most amazing wedding I’ve been to since mine. Love Mom S.

  • ruth howson

    Thank you for sharing the photos – the most stylish wedding I have seen you all look gorgeous and soo happy !
    best wishes
    Ruth and John Howson

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