Something looks new around here…

What happens when vinyl, Sense and Sensibility, Calvin and Hobbes, paint, paper, and photography collide?  You get a picture of me! (Sorta).  So here’s a new look to the blog, the one that has been spinning around in my head for a while now.  All of the items in the masthead are things that are particularly meaningful to me in one way or another (and even though you can’t read the titles, most of those books are by some of the most influential authors on my writing — except Hemingway.  I couldn’t find a Hemingway book that fit into the picture when I was setting it up.  Oh and I think I forgot Steinbeck, too. Oh well.  Either way, this isn’t really a writing blog so I probably won’t ever post any stories here anyway, so you won’t need to see the influences.)

However, I really do feel that one art form can influence another.  These are the lenses by which I see the world (to use a photography reference).  I find inspiration in so many of the other forms of art; I truly believe that strengthening my skills in one art form has a profound impact on the others.  And I think most artists have a hard time being limited to one area of artistic expression.

I also want people who visit my blog to feel like they have a small window into my personality and, as writers will often agree, it’s better to show than to tell.  What better way to show you who I am than pictures. :)

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