Shade Trees and Evergreens Wedding in Frederick, Maryland : Julie and Mike

Whew….after a brief hiatus, I am back to posting!  I couldn’t start with a more lovely event than this one. You may remember from a few weeks back, Julie and Mike had a gorgeous engagement session in Mount Airy and on a farm.  I mentioned briefly how I had been contacted by the wonderful folks at Shade Trees to participate in Operation Wedding — their way of giving back to military couples by providing one very special couple with  a free wedding.

It’s so easy to see why Julie and Mike were the winners of their contest.  The love between them is so vivid and beautiful.  But the wonderful outpouring of emotion didn’t stop there; Julie and Mike have wonderful family and friends who all came together to make this event absolutely spectacular.  There were shouts of happiness, tears of joy, absolute bliss — such true and raw emotion that is every photographer’s dream to be able to capture.  On top of all that, Julie and Mike (and their bridal party) are also just so much FUN!!  I had a blast getting goofy with them.  Even the rain couldn’t stop this happy couple and their friends from having an amazing day and I will always remember running barefoot through the soaking wet grass with Julie (and as Mike tried to beat us there) as we raced to different locations for pictures!

I was so honored to be a part of this day and I’d also like to give a shout out to all the other vendors who donated their time and efforts.  I tried to include as much as possible here to reflect everyone’s hard work. I hope I haven’t missed anyone!

Wedding Cake:  Tastefully Ever After
Invitations:  Organized Bride
Tuxedo:  Charell’s Rentals
Hair and Make up: Frederick School of Cosmetology
Linens and China:  Premier Party Rentals
Florist:  A’Bloom Florist
DJ:  Spin Dotors
Fireworks:  Creative Pyrotechnics
Catering: Carriage House Inn and Catering
Videography: Willam Hynes with Bella
Event Space: Shade Trees and Evergreens
  • Jill

    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  • Taina Schweitzer

    It was a beautiful day and you did a fantastic job of capturing every side of it. The emotions, the sprinkles of rain & tears and maybe one of my favorite comical moments the good men running with the canopy to protect sound equipment from the rain!! Great job!!

  • Jamie Schardt

    Definately some GREAT shots in there! Thank you Annabelle and Thank you Julie and Mike for a great event! :o)

  • Natalie

    Amazing Pictures…What a Beautiful Bride :) The Firework picture is my Favorite!

  • Lisa


  • Alicia Gregory

    I’ve been hearing about this amazing wedding for months, so I was thrilled when Jamie shared the pictures. What a beautiful couple, family, and day. I just love the look on Mr. Prather’s face.

  • jamie carper

    The wedding was beautiful & these pictures show that off perfectly! I love the backside views of the wedding party & those fireworks & moonlit pics are simply stunning!
    love u two together

  • Jimbo

    Pictures are wonderful!!

    A couple of random thoughts and questions. Mikie, is that a clip on tie? Looks like it might be.

    The picture with Jen crying, did she just get a copy of the bill?

    I like the picture of the three girls standing close, I bet they’re discussing who’s dress in nicer.

    Fireworks!!! Please!!! I remember when rice used to be the thing. Then some glutton intolerent birds complained and we switched to bird seed. But that wasn’t enough so we went to balloons until some whales had their blow holes clogged.
    So, now we’re at Fireworks!! What’s next, pony rides!

    Had a wonderful time, food was amazing, wedding was amazing. Great pictures!

  • Gail Brown

    Beautiful pictures! Such a great wedding!!

  • JB

    absolutely love the last picture! all of them are amazing, it looks like it was a very beautiful wedding! of course it helps to have a great photographer to capture the beauty!

  • Absolutely perfect!!!! How will you ever choose?

  • Patti McKee

    Gorgeous pics that beautifully capture the joy of the day!

  • Jennie Schardt

    The pix are wonderful and so full of emotion. I love them being casual instead of the formal poses. So much more emotion comes out. Many great family pix! Most weddings seem anti-climatic at the end when everyone leaves, but fireworks seem to make a nice finale.

  • MaryAnn Powell

    As a mommy of 3 grown girls… all of whom may one day take a walk like this… these photos are truly inspirational! Beautiful work!

  • Carol

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful venue. Aunt Jennelle had shared a picture of the “crab cake” on fb and shared the info for these pictures as well.

  • Bunny

    Each photo of Julie and Mike’s Wedding was a masterpiece. The photographer captured the love and joy felt by this delightful couple and by everyone sharing in their very special day! These are the moments to remember!

  • Susie Bowman

    Your pictures are truly amazing. I will be sharing your photos with my cousin, her son is getting married next year and they are looking for a photographer.

  • kristin

    amazing photos! so glad to have been there to share that with you!

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