Shade Trees and Evergreens Wedding : Annie and David

Last weekend, I headed up  with my trusty second, Karen, to one of my favorite venues, Shade Trees and Evergreens in Frederick, Maryland, to meet up with Annie and David for their amazing wedding.  Karen and I started at Annie’s parents house in Walkersville where the girls were getting hair and makeup done and to grab some details and then Karen headed to the venue to get the boys’ pictures. Braving the intense July heat, David and Annie opted to meet for a first look over by the lake at Shade Trees, which was a lot of fun to capture.

I love how Annie and David pulled so much of their personalities into this wedding — from their love of the Caps, to a very funny cake topper, to Annie’s love of stars — it’s so great to see a couple so happy to be unfailingly themselves.  They are very cool people and such a delight to work with.  I wish them all the best, happily and beautifully in love, just as they are.


  • Karen Fox

    The pictures are awesome! You caught the true essence of the day. Karen Fox (mother of the groom, David Fox)

  • Brittany

    The pictures are gorgeous! The colors are beautifully captured :)

  • Amy Harris

    These pictures are beautiful. I wasn’t even at the wedding, but the pictures make me feel like i didn’t miss a thing!

  • Maggie

    Great pictures! You caught a lot of wonderful moments in the candid shots… I LOVE the one of Annie fist-pumping during their kiss on the dance floor. So perfectly Annie. :) Nice work!

  • Laura

    Great Photos!!! Amazing!!!

  • Kelly A

    Absolutely stunning pictures! Annie looks beautiful, as always. Very well done!!

  • Melissa Campbell

    Absolutely love love love these pictures! They are all so cute

  • Nancy Thompson

    Amazing photos for an amazing moment in Annie and David’s life

  • Michelle A

    These pictures are stunningly beautiful and very creative!! A lot of amazing memories were captured and I could see the love in the bride and groom’s eyes come through in the photos. Well done!!

  • Lauren

    Love these photos! The photographer did a great job! I think I might want to look into using her for my wedding!

  • Kara C.

    Beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing day!

  • Annie

    Thank you again Annabelle, you are fabulous!!! My day was captured perfectly & I will love/cherish them forever :-) xoxo

  • Alanna

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!!! I cannot wait to see the rest. All my friends are asking about who the fantastic photographer was :)

  • Kristen

    Love the pictures of all the details!

  • Amanda Ivins

    Love the pics Annie! They turned out amazing! Congrats to both you and David!

  • Cortney

    What beautiful photos and so many beautiful moments captured. My personal favorite is of the girls and Annie on the swing…how cute!

  • Kayleigh

    These are so beautiful! What a beautiful wedding and such a beautiful portrayal! I can only hope that with all of Annie’s advice, that my wedding ends up half as pretty! ;)

  • Rachel

    These are truly beautiful photos!! I wish you both a life full of happiness! Congrats!

  • Lisa

    THESE PICTURES ARE WONDERFUL! They truly encompass the beauty that was the Poole-Fox wedding, and I don’t think anyone would have done a better job!!

  • Laura Cameron

    Annie Annie Pink Star… you are a true princess and these pictures are amazing!!! Just like the intoduction, these photos truly seem to capture your personalites. You are a beautiful couple – Congratulations

  • Julie Barber

    beautiful pictures!

  • Stephanie

    These pictures are absolutely stunning! Between the good looking couple and the amazing photography, it’s no wonder they came out so well! Looked like such a blast I’m so sad I missed it! Wishing you all the love in the world guys!

  • Linda Dunsmoor

    Annie, these pictures are beautiful. Everything looked amazing.

  • Kathy

    Great pics….really show the FUN at this wedding and captured some awesome shots of the bride & groom. What a beautiful setting to work with!

  • Katie

    AMAZING…..that’s all that i can really say. Looks like she captured the day perfectly!

  • Tania

    Wow, such a glamorous wedding that was captured beautifully!

  • DAVID (Actual Groom, Not A Stunt Double)

    You’re pretty hot in a top hat, baby–glad we got to keep those :) Thanks to Annabelle and Karen for great shots (even the ones showing I can’t dress myself!)

  • Lauren

    Beautiful photos!

  • Katie

    The pictures are so pretty!! Congrats again!

  • David

    The pictures look awesome! Great photos including the fun shots!

  • April Sprecher

    These are wonderful pictures! Annie and David will have such as hard time deciding which ones to purchase, print, frame, etc…..they are all perfect.

  • Lindsey

    So beautiful! The photographer really captured the excitement and energy of the day. I think I like the swing photo the best. Congrats!

  • Natalie

    I totally agree with everyone! The colors are brilliant, the moments are priceless, and the style is fabulous! Wonderfully amazing job by the photographer; this is what every bride hopes for, Perfection.

  • Larissa

    You look gorgeous and so does your new hubby. Thanks for sharing the pics. Your wedding location reminds me of my wedding. LOVE IT!!

  • Janet Macik

    Pictures are wonderful! They really captured the beautiful couple very well! Congrats to you both!

  • JR

    Wow Annie! The pictures are fabulous – it looks like a storybook wedding and you are absolutely radiant. Cheers to you and David!!

  • Incredibly beautiful pictures of a great-looking wedding party!

  • Laura Glenday

    Gorgeous!!! Will definitely recommend to anyone in the area!

  • Amanda


  • Lois Keller-Poole (mother of the bride)

    You captured both the mood and the events of this fantastic day!

  • Melanie

    Wow these pictures are amazing! Such a beautiful bride and groom! Love you guys

  • Jim Sprecher

    Outstanding pics of you both and your wedding party!

  • Janet Mulvey

    We felt honored to be invited to your wedding. It was so beautiful & unique. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous – you and David look like a Princess and a Prince. Janet Mulvey

  • Maureen Walter

    Absolutely stunning pictures!

  • Heather Nguyen

    Fantastic photos! Beautifully captured…sorry I could not be there in person to see the wedding, but the pictures tell a lovely story!

  • Wow, Annie. Very nice!

  • Rachel S.

    Amazing photos! Obviously due to the fact that the couple is fabulous :-) The pics make me feel like I was there!

  • Andra

    Wow!!! Gorgeous bride, gorgeous venue, gorgeous photos!!!! What a beautiful wedding. Congrats, Annie & David!!!

  • Kelly

    What fantastic photography and such a stunning wedding! Annie, everything was perfect! The colors, the tuxes, the dresses, and of course, YOU! I loved every single picture and had so much fun with you after the wedding!!!! MUAAAAH!

  • Liz

    The pictures are amazing!!! What a beautiful wedding!!

  • Elizabeth Plant

    Love them! Annie you look great! Congrats & Best Wishes to you & David!

  • Louise Howe

    These are great pictures!

  • Ashleigh Edwards

    Beautiful pictures! Stunning and well put together. Congratulations to you both!!

  • Denise Williamson-Etzler

    What an amazing talent you have! Gorgeous photos!

  • Anthony

    Absolutely incredible pictures! Very very very stunning and beautiful. Congratulations Annie and Dave!

  • Barbra

    The pictures turned out absolutely wonderful! So many memories were made that day!!!

  • Susan H

    Fantastic pictures. They really capture this most special and blessed day. Congratulations Annie and Dave!!!!

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