Savage Mill Engagements : Katie and PJ

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Katie and PJ at Savage Mill in Maryland for their very fun fall e-session!  I absolutely love this couple, who make me laugh and have great personalities.  Katie has a wonderful, goofy sense of humor and a beautiful, contagious smile which was always reflected so well in PJ (who looks at her with so much affection it is so cute!).  We bonded at our first meeting over our common love of football (even though Katie is a Redskins fan, hehe) so that, of course, had to be incorporated into their engagement shoot.  I can’t wait to work with them again next year, for their wedding! :)

  • Mom

    Oh my Goodness!!! These emgagement photos are wonderful! Just about as beautful as this very special couple, Katie and PJ.

  • Mom

    I can’t stop looking at these, every one is fabulous, and the reve reviews have started coming back to me. I know the ONLY thing Katie was most concerned about were the photos. Looks like she can feel happily confident that their special day will be captured in a very special way!

  • Kitty

    these are some of the best I have ever seen…can’t pick a favorite I love them all…but I am partial to the one with your heads in the leaves and standing on the bridge…what a great photographer!!

  • Molly

    These are all wonderful photos, but I’m just nuts about the head shots of both lying down in the fall leaves. I can’t wait for this wedding!!!!!

  • Katie


    Thanks so much for a wonderful engagement shoot. You are extremely talented and wonderful to work with! I am even more excited for June to come :) Thanks again!!

  • LC

    I love so many of these!! Awesome job :)

  • Shiela McKevitt

    Ah, the kiss on the bridge. Young love!!!!!
    Congratulations to you beautiful kids!
    Love, Aunt Shiela and Uncle Pete
    Been there. Did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rindy

    OMG these pictures are amazing. I found myself smiling from ear to ear while I was looking at them. Love the ones in the leaves.
    Can’t wait for June to get here. Fun Fun.
    Love you guys

  • Uncle Tom

    OMG can they get any more beautiful

  • pam rochlin

    This couple should star in commercials for Subway-they are soooooooo adorable!!!

  • Stunning photos of a stunning couple! You look gorgeous, Katie – I absolutely love the football pics in the leaves. Love – Baird, Em and Baby Thomas

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