Rocklands Farm Engagement Photography : Amy and Adam

I’ve always had a thing for farm shoots. It might be because I’m a country girl at heart or because there’s usually just so much there to work with or because animals are so handy for awesome moments — it’s probably that, and more. Last year, I caught up with Amy and Adam for their engagement shoot at Rocklands Farm, a location new to me, but really diverse and interesting. They have a winery, woods/streams, fields, barns among other cool backdrops. Amy knew about it from her days organizing social events with one of the campus ministry at University of Maryland — the school where Amy and Adam met.

These two have ahhhhmazing chemistry together. I tell a lot of people when I’m shooting them: I’ll direct you as much as I think I need to. In this case, I really didn’t need to do much. Their connection is beautiful and so visible in every shot. Everything went so perfectly for this engagement shoot, actually, that even the sunset sky and a very curious cow cooperated. Love it!

  • Maxx

    Damn that’s a nice scarf

  • Samantha Medney

    Love the photos! The nature and use of adorable animals are great touches!

  • Mary

    SO CUTE!!!

  • Nick

    I can hear Amy’s reaction to seeing the dog:


  • Cheryl Schultz

    I can feel their JOY exuding in every picture. You have captured it so beautifully and whimsically, too! Impossible to pick a favorite since they’re all GREAT!!!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful pictures! The sunset ones are GORGEOUS!

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