Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore Wedding : Shendel and Ken

  • Janel

    Congrats shendel & Ken! It looks like u had an amazing day! Wishing you many years of happiness!!!

  • Dorie Roy

    These pictures are awsome I just love the way she captured your beauty in every picture.I love all your pictures!!!!!!!!


    What a beautiful wedding, Shendel made a gorgeous bride. Congrats

  • Denise

    Amazing! Your day was beautiful and it shows through these pictures!! (:

  • Lisa Collins

    These pictures are gorgeous. You both look sooooo happy!

  • Sandra Clingenpeel

    Great job !! Love the pictures so far. What a beautiful wedding all your hard work paid off.

  • Shirley

    These pictures are absolutely amazing!!! I love them. They really capture the moment. The colors are just so vibrat and crisp

  • Mark Kerzner

    OMG! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous (even though I’m not in any of them) ;-)

  • mike

    That pic of me fixing kens collar…not posed… he was terribly confused lol

  • Theresa Vandergriff

    What awesome photos – we missed a wonderful day!

  • Jim Curtis

    Great pics, looking forward to hanging some in the house ;-)

  • Kelley Cone

    These are all fantastic! Greatshots! I especially love the prep pic with the Mom face in the background, the laughing shot of Shendel and Jimmy dancing, the eyes closed shot and the shoe removal! So happy for you both and glad you have such great pics to commemorate your day with! Made me almost think I was there!

  • Kerri

    The pics are amazing! I love the one with you leaning back.

  • Cristen Bartelheim

    I love the pics. I need some copies :). They turned out so great.

  • Birdy Bartelheim

    Sweet. I love all the pictures, the black and white are awesome.

  • Krista Jackson

    These pictures are incredible! The camera does you just the right amount of justice. You were THE most beautiful bride.

  • Marion Goettl

    Beautiful pictures, some of the best wedding pictures I have ever seen, natural appearing, not stiff manakins! Great Job. Marion Goettl- one of Shendel’s aunts.

  • Diane Weber

    I must admit, I am VERY impressed! Not only are the pictures BEAUTIFUL but they are also FULL of life! With each photo I could feel the laughter, the silliness and the love … these are captured memories that you will treasure for a life time – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Sandra

    The pictures are beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  • Taran P

    Wow! These are amazing pictures! Each photo seems to capture the perfect memory. I’m not sure I could even pick a favorite they are all so beautiful.

  • Krista Marion

    Gorgeous! These turned out amazing :0) Everything was beautiful and what an amazing way to look back at such a wonderful day!

  • Jaime Kerzner

    Awesome pictures! They turned out really nice, especially the one of us girls. :-)

  • Aunt Theresa and Uncle Bob

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Such a wonderful celebration of the love of two special people! Here’s to a love that will last a lifetime.

  • Lisa Darrah

    Congratulations Shendel! These photos are true treasures to enjoy for the rest of your life. Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!! You both look so happy. I wish you all the best!!

  • Molly D.

    Love your photos Shendel! :)

  • Kristen Grady majchrzak

    Wow! Everything looked perfect! Congrats to the both of you!

  • Joseph Craig

    Very beautiful pictures! The detail in each one shows just how wonderful this event was.

  • Sharon Warner

    Congratulations to you an Ken. Thanks so much for sharing your photo’s. All the photo’s are great, but my favorite is the black and white with both of you on the escalator.

  • Dawn Grannas

    Congratulations to you and Ken. Thanks for sharing your photo’s. Very beautiful pictures.

  • Christina Helwig

    These are beautiful pictures! I love all the different poses of the wedding party! It looked like an absolutely beautiful wedding Shendel.

  • Gale Bernoski

    What a beautiful couple! The pictures are fantastic! You two make such good role models! Wish you much happiness!

  • Beverley pribyl

    Love them all! I cld not pick a favorite their r so many.

  • Tracy

    Love the pictures! What a beautiful bride. It looked like such an amazing day. Many happy years to you both!

  • Ahh, Vicki! These are truly beautiful pics of your amnziagly beautiful kids!!! They have all grown so much, and they’re just getting more and more beautiful, if possible I can’t believe your babyboy has suddenly become such a big boy, walking around wearing those super cool jeans, and holding hands with his lovely sisters ;) Thanks for sharing! Hugs xxx

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