Real Love

And so here it is: my last engagement (and photo) shoot of 2010!

I spent the weekend fearing that a blizzard might come through and make this a very difficult photo shoot, but Mother Nature changed her mind!  As a result, I was fortunate enough to be able to drive up to Westminster yesterday and meet with Angie and Ferron at Angie’s parent’s home for their engagement shoot.  I was so excited, too, because Angie is really sweet (our first client consult was awesome and I left it feeling like we were old friends!) and I was looking forward to meeting Ferron as well (who turned out to be very good at posing and making us laugh).

Overall, I had a really wonderful time on this shoot, which had the added bonus of letting me romp around Angie’s childhood stomping grounds.  It was a bit like being adventurers, really —  we forged through the chilly weather, thorny hedges, and I even stuck my foot into a muddy, wet stream — but I got so caught up in how much fun I was having shooting that I hardly noticed the minutes flying by.  Angie and Ferron are really warm and friendly people and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be their photographer next October.  Their love is really beautiful and, I think, a wonderful reflection of the type of people they are.

Thanks for a fantastic final shoot of ’10 (and thanks to Angie’s mom for the hot cocoa! yum!).  Enjoy the sneak peak!

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