Piney Run Park Engagements : Katie and Jim

Last week, on what was arguably one of the most gorgeous days of the year (despite the shocking earthquake that day!), I met up with Katie and Jim in Piney Run Park for their engagement session.  I was so excited to do this session for a lot of reasons, but none more so than the fact that I went to high school with Katie at Mount de Sales Academy in Catonsville.  In fact, Katie and I were both avid participants of the drama club and got to spend a bit of stage time together in school productions of “Annie” and the “Sound of Music” (how’s that for history! :P).

Katie always was a bubbly, happy and easy-going person and it’s no wonder that she’s with such a sweet and truly genuinely lovely guy like Jim.  They are such a happy and loving couple, down to earth, and both tons of fun to work with and be around.  We had an awesome session at Piney Run Park and even got to climb aboard a canoe for pictures (which was a very fun experience!).  It’s days like this shoot that I have to pinch myself because I have the coolest job on the planet.  I honestly felt like I was just spending a fantastic evening out canoeing with friends — not just shooting their very fun e-session.

I can’t wait for Katie and Jim’s wedding in November — it’s going to be amazing!


  • Absolutely LOVE the jumping pic on the pier, the last of the “Annabelle in the canoe” shots and the very last one of the set. Great work, Annabelle!

  • Kathy Hickey

    Your photos really captured that something special which is Katie and Jim. I can’t decide if the black and whites or the autumnal looking dock shots are my favorites.
    Thank you for your artistry.

  • Diane Thoman

    Annabelle, it is obvious that you are one very talented photographer!!! Katie is my Godchild and you have caught her spirited essence…her joy of life…and her love for Jim.
    My absolute favs are the black and white silhouette and the very last shot. However, all the proofs are so beautiful. You are correct..such a beautiful day even though the earth moved…well, I’d expect Katie to cause that anyway! I hope our paths cross at the wedding or reception, I would enjoy meeting you!
    Diane T.

  • Katrina

    Beautiful!! I love the ones at the beginning where Jim is picking you up and dipping you! Also, the last two in the canoe set are gorgeous. And seriously – you look so so so beautiful in the very last picture. Can’t wait for November!

  • Uncle Joe and Aunt Adrienne

    Absolutely beautiful! What a perfect day and perfect place for the perfect couple!

  • Janel

    Wow – the pics are absolutely gorgeous!!! There are so many great ones to choose from!!!

  • Katie DH

    Some of these are so cute! I love the ones in the canoe. Can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Eileen

    The photos are inspiring. You’ve caught so much of Katie and Jim’s personalities. My favorites are the one from the back with them looking toward “the future” and the one sitting on the pier doing the same. I found myself smiling and feeling so happy they found each other. Simply perfect pictures.

  • Laura Scott

    what lovely pictures…just beautifully artistic!

  • Nora Solis

    What unique and beautiful photos! You’ve pictures have certainly captured the love they share – it’s almost tangible.

  • Michele Paul

    These pics are just gorgeous. Very creative! Really capture the emotion between Katie and Jim.

  • Lisa Carvallo

    Katie and Jim:
    Your pictures are outstanding! Your Aunt Michele has been filling me in on all the wedding plans. You look so happy together, congratulations with all my heart!

  • Denise Matheny

    Wonderful pictures!
    I remember when you were a beautiful baby–now look at you grown into a beautiful women!
    congratulations on your engagement!!

  • Ken & Peggy Hemmeter

    Wow, this is a first for us old folks (will celebrate our 50th anniversary in January). . . we’ve never seen an engagement photo shoot before. . .the photos seem to tell a beautiful story. Looking forward to your wedding in November.
    Ken & Peggy Hemmeter

  • Carole Grill

    We are so looking forward to meeting you, Katie. We are very fond of Jim. The pictures are just beautiful and very unique! May the love you share today follow you for the rest of your lives together.

    Carole and Warren

  • Jayme Wood

    Beautiful! So happy for you both!

  • Jim Hickey

    Absolutely beautiful photographs! Annabelle, you’ve captured my little girl and her wonderful guy! We’ll see you at the wedding! -Jim

  • Linda Pugh

    Fantastic photography. Obviously Katie and Jim are very much in love and the camera certainly caught that. What great photos to cherish as the years roll by. We live on the road into the park and you caught the spirit of Piney Run. Best wishes to all.

  • King and Joyce Smith

    Oh to be young again.You absolutely radiate with love and happiness. I think our wedding pictures were taken with a Kodak Brownie since they were black and white.These are beautiful and just imagine Katie and Jim your wedding pictures.

  • Diana Scott

    From the moment I first met Katie, I knew she and Jim would be good for one another. They are both sunny in nature and easy-going. Certainly these photographs capture their joy in each other’s company and have created visual memories of this lovely time in the lives.

  • Jean & marie-Claude GUINARD

    Katie et Jimmy
    Puisse votre vie à deux etre aussi belle que ces merveilleuses photos. Nous vous souhaitons tout le bonheur du monde.
    Et bravo l’artiste qui peut transcender les sentiments.
    Love – Jean & Marie-Claude
    translate now:
    May your life be as beautyful as these mervellous pictures. We wish you (from France) all the happiness of the world.
    and bravo for the artist able to trancent these feelings.

  • Mary M Horenkamp

    Beautiful pictures! Very best wishes to you both.

  • I honestly dont know Where to begin the compliments! I really like the ones on the water and dock w the more yellow background. Stunning! Love radiates off these things! Canoe shots r fun and adorable! Rowing, laying, snuggling! Its a party for 2 that won’t end!!! U two r inspiring!

  • Pat Fairbanks

    This was such a wonderful way to meet the girl of Jimmy’s dreams!
    The photography is amazing, the two of you look like you were meant for each other. Wow, Jim it was worth the wait!!
    Wish you all the happines in the world and for a very long time.

  • François et Marie Guinard

    Très cher Jim , très chère Katie

    Vos photos sont arrivées jusqu’en France et nous vous en remercions, nous avons pu partager un peu de votre bonheur …
    Vous avez des étoiles dans les yeux tous les deux !
    Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de belles choses à deux et plus …
    Nous vous attendons en France
    avec tout notre amour
    Marie, François, Baptiste et Corentin.

  • Elizabeth Preston

    I love so many of them, I don’t know where to start! You guys look amazing and so happy! I’m so glad I will get to be such a special part of your special day! Can’t wait! Great work, Annabelle!

  • John & Melissa Shuttleworth

    Congratulations to you both. The photographs are lovely and you look so happy and relaxed. We particularly like the canoe shots.

  • Betsy Mills

    Great pictures, beautifully done, of two beautiful people!

  • Kathy Hickey

    You have truly captured the spirit and essence of Katie and Jim and the love and respect they have for each other. I particularly like your black and white work and the pier shots with the autumnal accents where it appears that for all the world, Katie and Jim are looking to their future.
    Thank you.
    I saw such talent in your MdS drama work and I appreciate the realization of your creativity through your photography.
    Katie’s Mom

  • Diana Balick

    The setting of Piney Run Park was perfect for the engagement pictures of Jim and Katie. Their love for each other is captured in each of the pictures. We wish them a life full of happines. Jack and Diana

  • Katie Hickey

    Oh dear, my mom commented twice. She must super-duper like the photos!

    Jim and I wanted to comment, too. First of all, thank you to everyone who posted a comment – your kind words really mean a lot to us. We are so excited about our big day. Can’t believe it’s only a month and a half away!

    As for our favorite pictures, I love Love LOVE the one of Jim picking me up on the pier. Priceless. I love the canoe shots on the water, too. Well, I love all the pictures, but these stick out in my mind the most. Jim’s favorite picture is the first black and white one where we’re in front of the lily pad pond. He just looks too darn cute in that one ;)

    Anyway, thank you for your artistry Annabelle! You are so talented and I’m so glad you’re our photographer! :D Can’t wait for the wedding!

    <3 Katie

  • Connie Greendoner

    What gorgeous pictures! They really capture your personalities, and the essence of your relationship. I particularly like that ones that look more ‘candid’! Can’t wait for the wedding!! Our best to both of you!

  • Genevieve

    What an interesting idea! Loved the presentation. Happiness always.

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