One and One is Two

On the drive down to Fredericksburg, Virginia to meet Brittany and Brandon for their engagement shoot, I felt as though I was watching a battle between the weather gods.  (I was praying for the sun to win!)  The rain clouds near DC were so thick and heavy as I passed it that I was fairly certain there would be no way that I would be able to make it further south without our shoot getting rained out.  But even with rain clouds hanging over me as I drove, there I could see the sun peeking out of the clouds in the horizon (not to mention the gorgeous rays of light that were breaking out of the clouds there).

I made it just in time, actually.  Brittany and Brandon met me near where we were going to shoot — on the banks of the Rappahannock River — and we all drove over there.  The rains from the previous week had flooded the river a bit, but it was still quite beautiful.  We shot near the river bank for a while (so pretty!) and then walked over to a an outcropping of rocks near what Brandon described as the local swimming hole (with the flooded waters I couldn’t envision it too well but anyway swimming holes near big rocks in water remind me of the possibility of snakes!).

It was a bit funny near the rocks because Brittany said to me, “See, it’s really beautiful here.  I mean, except the graffiti.”  To which I thought, that huge graffiti rock would be awesome to shoot by! (But yeah, I hear you — generally not a fan of graffiti except when I think it would be cool for pictures.  Living near it would be another story altogether.) Brittany and Brandon were sweet enough to humor me with the graffiti rock, though, haha.

I get to have the pleasure of photographing Brittany and Brandon’s wedding in a few weeks and I’m really very excited.  They are a sweet, playful couple (they had me laughing a lot) and so in love.  Did I mention they’re high school sweethearts?  So cute, I love it. 

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