Not-A-Workshop Part 1 // Engagement Surprise!

Okay, so to start the blogging a bit, this weekend I had the fabulous opportunity of going down to Nashville, TN to participate in a Not-a-Workshop hosted by Joshua Gull.  Josh is a Nashville wedding photographer and husband of a childhood friend of mine, and quite a talented photographer.  As part of what he does, Josh has started these Not-a-Workshops as an opportunity for photographers to work on craft, technique, editing, and business skills, as well as to network with one another in a more organic and hands-on setting than the typical conference hall workshop can provide.  I was honored enough to actually be a speaker at the workshop during the shooting portion, which was a ton of fun! I learned so much invaluable information during the weekend and absolutely had a blast.

I’ll post some pictures from my shooting portion a bit later, but at the start of the shooting day, I had the opportunity to witness an actual surprise engagement from one of the photographers at the workshop, Andy, to his girlfriend Kayla.  (So cute!) It was totally awesome to be a part of that and to get to snap some “actual” engagement pictures (as in, as-it’s-happening!).  So here are a few of Kayla and Andy from earlier on in the day, which were taken during Kristen Steele and Rich Lavigne’s (two of the other speakers) portions of the workshop.   undefined undefined undefined undefined


  • annabelle, it was great meeting you and patrick! thank you so much for the amazing pictures of kayla and myself!

  • Awesome post Annabelle. You caught her reaction perfectly. I’m sitting here smiling just looking at it all over again. Thanks so much again for coming down. It was great officially meeting you and I can’t wait til Alix and I can come hang and eat some awesome Maryland seafood.

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