Newborn Shoot : Abigail

Although I specialize in weddings and engagements, every now and then I get a request for a portrait shoot that I can’t quite pass up.  Allison and Doug have been friends of mine for many years now — I first met Allison wayyyy back in college when we did ballet and kickboxing together.  We became close friends and it’s been a privilege being there for important times in her life, like when she and Doug tied the knot and now with the birth of their beautiful daughter, Abigail.  While pictures of babies in cute poses abound (and we took some, of course), what I really like in here are the pictures of Allison and Doug with their little girl, as a family.  It melts my heart to see a daddy tenderly holding his baby or a mother looking down at her infant with happy, adoring eyes. I am all about love. :)  I think you can really tell  in these pictures how much Allison and Doug love their gorgeous girl and I couldn’t be happier for them!

  • Linda Moore

    Annabelle – You are a master of photography no matter WHAT your target audience! These newborn shots are just as creative and beautiful as your engagement and wedding photos. Never doubt your talent because it is very obvious you “see” a creative shot most of us only dream about experiencing. Kudos!

  • Catherine

    These are so incredibly beautiful, Annabelle. What a cute little family! I can’t wait for my turn <3

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