Musket Ridge Wedding : Becky and Jason

I first met Becky and Jason almost two years ago at the wedding of their good friends, Meredith and Trent. After the wedding, Becky sent me an email to find out about an engagement session and I remember looking through Meredith and Trent’s pictures to see if I had a picture of Becky among the many I had taken (Jason was a groomsman there, so I knew who he was!). Anyway, it was just a fun thing to make a connection like that and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I actually met up with Becky and Jason for their engagement session, which was on a gorgeous December day. (I never told them, actually, but when I was scheduling my own wedding for December a few months later, I remembered what a beautiful day it had been when I met up with Becky and Jason and that gave me the confidence to do a December wedding!) Flash forward almost two years and I finally had the opportunity to meet up with Becky and Jason again, on a spectacular June day this time, and shoot their wedding at Musket Ridge Golf Club. I know they waited a long time for their big day and the emotions and moments that day couldn’t have been more worth the wait — Becky, her dad, Jason, Jason’s mom — they all had me teary-eyed at one point or another! I was truly happy that I could be there at this moment in their journey — not the end, but the beginning of what I’m sure will be a wonderful lifetime of happiness.

  • Becky Zick

    These could not be more perfect Annabelle, we are so excited to have these to look back on the best day of our lives! Thank you for such beautiful pictures and for being such a fantastic help for the past couple years :)

  • lauren

    these are fabulous!!! I LOVE all the decor and you two look so happy :)

  • Lielie

    Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous photo’s. Congrats!

  • Wow! These are amazing. Such a beautiful job. I especially love the getting ready shots.

  • Nicole

    Love those cowboy boots on your bridesmaids!

  • Jane

    STUNNING! Look at those happy, beautiful faces. And that sky! What great shots of a clearly jouyous day :) Love how the bride is wiping her man’s tears away :)

  • Alexa

    Wow. The wedding was beautiful. Congrats!

  • Lindsay Farrell

    FABULOUS wedding with FABULOUS people, and FABULOUS pictures to remember the day :) :) Let’s go back ;)

  • Meredith

    Love these!

  • Adrienne

    The pictures look wonderful!

  • Lae


  • Kayla

    These are absolutely beautiful!!

  • Kayla

    These are absolutely beautiful!!!

  • nicole


  • Teresa Lechter

    Beautiful! Great photography!

  • Diana

    Beautiful pictures! Everyone looked like they had a great time! :)

  • Ashley Larrabee

    Becky you look incredible, and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! :-)

  • Kate

    Beautiful photos. I love the bridal party/groomsmen pics!

  • Nader

    Congradulations….Best of Luck for the future…..Nice Pictures

  • Howie

    Annabelle. Great shots. Incredible. Special thanks for getting those shots of my worst faces. ;)

  • Amanda

    Lovely pictures, you two look so good together! :)

  • Claire

    These are great pictures – I love how you captured how blue the sky is, and the arrangement for the bridal party shots is great. What a lovely day!

  • Alexandria

    Aw, how beautiful!

  • michele c

    Beautiful photos, Beautiful couple, Beautiful wedding. The photos clearly show a couple in love sharing their special day with loved ones. A joyous, fun day for everyone. Congratulations Becky and Jason!!!

  • Jason Zick

    Annabelle! Great pictures! Hi’m very glad we met you at Trent’s wedding and were able to see your talents behind the camera first hand. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends if they every need some great pictures done. Thanks again.

  • Jess

    So beautiful! The teary-eyed pics are my favorites :) And I see Erin gettin’ down! Congrats Becky!

  • Nic

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

  • ashley

    This are awesome. The picture of her wiping his tears makes me melty! :)

  • Erin

    Annabelle you rocked these pictures, they look great!

  • jody taylor

    love & happiness shines in these photos. simply beautiful country chic!

  • Samantha

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Sadie

    the picture of her wiping his tears is perfect!

  • Danielle

    Beautiful pics! I love the group shots and the couple shot on the bridge. :) That would make a great framed pic!

  • Brittany

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Stephanie

    Love the cowboy boots! So cute :)

  • Mary

    WOW!!! Such beautiful pictures.

  • Emily


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