Musings and Updates to 2015

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted so I figured it’s about time I update this blog a little bit and get rid of the dust bunnies in time for Spring. 2015 has been an…interesting…year thus far, filled with many blessings but also some tough times. The biggest and brightest most wonderful blessing was the birth of our son, Andrew McCormack in February. Our little guy took his time in getting here (I was almost 2 weeks overdue!) but we can’t imagine life without him. He is just the sweetest, easiest baby and I’m a proud mama. Here’s one picture I took of him for newborn pictures back in February (coincidentally, it’s one of the only ones I’ve edited! ha — my poor children will never see their childhood images.)

Annabelle Dando Photography -- Andrew He’s a cute little guy, isn’t he? (Maybe not so little. He was about 9 lbs at birth!!)

Now that he’s here, it’s also hard to imagine how I ever thought having one baby was a lot of work. I have nothing but the highest level of respect for my big sister who has 4! Whew! How that poor girl gets anything done, I’ll never know.

The flu and other illnesses hit us pretty hard in the six weeks after Andrew was born and then we also dealt with the recent passing of Patrick’s grandfather, who was a wonderful man and we will miss greatly. Now that we’re all finally healthy again and wedding season is slowly starting up for us, we’re jumping back into the swing of things. We appreciate all the sweet words and congratulations from everyone, as well as the patience of our wonderful clients during my maternity leave. We can’t thank you enough for that.

We’ve still got to get through a few more blog posts from 2014, but we’ll also be posting new images and sprinkling in some older shoots that we want to highlight from years past. Our “best of 2014” video montage will also hit our blog soon — it’s one of the most complex blog posts we put together each year, but also our favorite.

New for 2015, we’ve now completely made the transition to an online delivery system for images. After struggling last year to find a company that provided reliable USBs and realizing that a lot of computers and devices are phasing out disk drives, we came to the conclusion that the best and most modern form of image delivery would be digital download. Our new gallery host makes that super easy and pin-protected. We’re really excited to be using digital download as it also gets you your images immediately after they are edited.

I’ll make a separate post about this later, but we’ve also quietly expanded business-wise. Since Patrick joined me full-time last year, he’s also begun to take his own weddings as a primary shooter. He still has some dates available in 2015, in fact. Because I limit the number of weddings I book, we may also be taking on more associate shooters in the future in order to be able to provide options for couples who don’t end up being able to book me. Permanent second shooter positions may also be opening up as well.

We’re so excited for the start of the 2015 wedding season — we’ve got so many wonderful clients we are looking forward to working with this year. It’s going to be a busy one from here until November, so we won’t have a ton of time for family and lifestyle shoots at the moment, but feel free to email about that. If we can fit you in, we will! We are planning on adding a lot more Snappy Shoot marathon dates to the calendar this year, both during the summer and the fall. Like and follow us on Facebook for updates to that!

As always, thank you again to our clients — past, present, and future. We wouldn’t be here without you, your referrals, and your enthusiasm for our work. You really are the best. Looking forward to another wonderful year — let’s get this party started!

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