Maryland Zoo Wedding in Baltimore : Shannon and Matthew

One of the absolute sweetest and easy-going couples I worked with in 2014 was Shannon and Matthew. Their wedding was in mid-August at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and it just so happened to be one of the wettest Saturdays that month. Despite the rain, Shannon and Matthew had one of the most positive and happy outlooks I’ve seen. They didn’t mind getting a little wet for pictures — but I don’t think it was just for the sake of the pictures. These two are just so happy together and were so happy to getting married that nothing could bring them down. I loved all the earthy and animal themes that they pulled into their wedding at the zoo and loved how much fun they were up for as we shot in the old, unused zoo cages on the property. I love these two!

Many, many thanks to Angela Powell Woulfe for second shooting this one with me — it was awesome working with you and I hope we can collaborate again soon!

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