Maryland Eastern Shore Wedding : Danielle and Eric

It’s been a while since I blogged and that partially had to do with the fact that I was preparing this post, which may just be my largest blog post to date!  Danielle and Eric’s wedding was such a beautiful, amazing, and comprehensive event, though that 13 hours of shooting barely seemed to scratch the surface of capturing it.  I know Danielle poured herself into every last detail of her wedding, from the candy bar, to pillows and couches for her guests to lounge on, to flip flops for dancing, a signature cocktail…no detail was overlooked!  And it was an incredible day, with spectacular May weather.  I think every girl that’s seen “Father of the Bride” secretly has this inner dream to have a wedding just like that and Danielle and Eric’s wedding was! The reception was one of the most beautiful backyard tented receptions I’ve seen — held in Danielle’s parents house in Queenstown, Maryland. So beautiful. So, without further delay, here are some of my favorites from their day!


  • Wow wee! Like the engagement pictures, Ms. Dando manages to capture once again not only specialty lighting (day and night) and colors in the photos but everything important to the bride and groom on each picture, everything that they worked so hard to put together for over a year.

    Loved the Bridal party pictures showing the use of chairs, Bride sitting on the lawn with the Flower Girls and Ring Bearers, Groom kneeling with a few Groomsmen sitting on the stone walkway, the Bride and Bridesmaids behind the trolley, and the Bride being helped out of the car by her Dad.

    The 3 Ring Bearers and 3 Flower Girls coming down the Church isle- too cute, all 6 with perfect expressions.

    The photo taken from the Church balcony… the Bride and Groom looked like a Prince and Princess seated near the Alter and seeing all of the guests seated below added so much to the picture! Gorgeous colors of the flowers inside the Church and outside.

    Pictures of the Bride and Groom on the beach near the reception…stunning! Your camera has a way with water like no others I have seen.

    The Reception at the house- Every detail secured via photograph before the guests even arrived. After the guests arrived…every shot taken that a Bride and Groom would hope to have.

    The unexpected- superlative use of lighting on the photos of the rings, glass on the dance floor at the end of the reception and unique silhouette of the Bride and Grooms last dance.

    These photographs not only demonstrate your expertise but show how much you cared to recapture one of the most important days in the lives of our newlyweds, Danielle and Eric.

    Thank you,

    Mary Carol DeVilbiss (Mother of the Groom)

  • Andi Brown

    This was a magical and singular event! How splendidly the happiness and joy have been captured. Bravo and best wishes to Eric and Danielle!

  • Mark DeVilbiss

    Wow!! Exceptional photo’s of an Exceptional Event!! Congratulations Danielle & Eric!!

  • Pat Whitely

    Great pics of a beautiful wedding and couple. Everyone looked awesome and I particularly like how the group pictures are staged.

  • Danielle DeVilbiss

    Just looked at our wedding blog pics randomly today. After almost a year, I am still in awe of the beautiful pictures! Thank you, Annabelle. You truly captured the best day of our lives!!

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