Okay.  So it’s been rough blogging lately simply because I have lacked for TIME!!!  But, the good news is that I have realized in the meantime that I didn’t like my original concept for approaching this blog….it was kinda ordinary and I wasn’t feeling it.  So I’m revamping.  The blog itself will be changing in form as soon as I have a few spare hours to punch out my new and latest ideas (which I am really excited about!).  But first, maybe a little about me so you can see where I am coming from.

I love art.  I’m serious. All art.  I paint, sing, play instruments, dance, act, write, and — as you can tell from this blog — am a serious shutterbug.  I’m a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and adore the local film community and I’m finishing my Masters Degree  in Writing at Johns Hopkins this Fall (which I am so seriously going to miss being around my kindred writing spirits).  So, the thing is, for me to focus my blog attention on just punching out one blog with random snippet after another would not only probably be boring, but it’s also not a good reflection of who I am as an artist.  And, above all, I want people who are interested in me as a photographer to see me also as an artist.  Because that’s who I am. And that’s what I offer when I offer you a glimpse of my pictures — a glimpse of how I see the world :)  (Which sounds inherently narcissistic, lol,  though that’s not where I’m coming from.)

The first minor change you’ll see is a change in the way I title my photo blog posts….they’re song titles (for now, Beatles songs, then we’ll go from there).  In the next coming days I’ll be posting more and more pictures that I’ve taken this summer — which has been chock-full of weddings, engagements, portraits and etc!!  As well as occasional random postings from previous years.

Lots to do, so little time to do it all….

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