King’s Gap State Park Wedding : Casey and Steve

A few years back, I decided that I was going to enroll in John’s Hopkins Masters in Writing Program, thinking that it would be good way to further my education and interest in writing.  What I did not  expect (due to the part-time nature of it) was that I would meet and make some amazing friends through the program.  One of the first people I happened to have met with through Hopkins was Casey, who I had the unique privileged of taking most of my classes with.  From the beginning, Casey showed me that she was vibrant person, quick with a smile and even quicker with her strong, interesting opinions and intellect.   How lucky was I that, over the course of the next few years, Casey came to be one of my closest friends in the program!

Anyway, as a result, I was so happy and excited to be able to be there on Casey’s big day a couple of weekends ago at King’s Gap State Park in Pennsylvania.  It’s always a fun process getting to someone’s wedding — but there definitely is a completely different twist on it when you’ve been following the relationship for a while! :)  Throughout the last few years, I’ve gotten to know what a strong and lovely relationship Casey have with each other — supporting and helping each other in love and friendship.  I also had heard from Casey what an amazingly beautiful park King’s Gap was — and she wasn’t kidding.  The views from on top of the mountain were spectacular.

There were so many gorgeous details to this wedding and I could gush about them for a while.  From the setting, to the lovely garden where Casey and Steve exchanged vows, to the many, many thoughtful personal touches laced in all parts of the reception, this wedding was truly beautiful.  It was also a lot of fun, as Casey and Steve even had games (like cornhole!) for their guests to play.  I wish Casey and Steve all the best, always.

  • Jenny (Casey's sister)

    Simply Beautiful! Your creativity is amazing! We cannot wait to see more! :)

  • LInda Moore


    BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! These photos are incredible and showcases your creative talents as you blended the natural environment of Kings Gap to the wedding! While you captured the enthusiasm and life of Casey and Steve’s wedding day, your eye for details recorded those special moments that build memories for a lifetime. We didn’t even realize you were shooting most of these natural photos! Thank you for an amazing record of a beautiful day! It was wonderful working with you and we can’t wait to see the full album!

    Linda (Casey’s Mom)

  • Casey

    Ms. Annabelle~

    I’ve spent the better part of the last four years getting to know the creative writing side of you. I now firsthand know just how brilliant you are visually as well. These take my breath away. Every bride hopes and prays that her pictures capture those moments; I am lucky enough that my dreams came true.

    With such gratitude,


  • Kaitlin Reder

    These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Annabell you did a fabulous job capturing all the precious moments for Casey & Steve!

  • Lynne Fox

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words… your pictures are worth so much more! The photos of Casey and Steve’s wedding not only captured the moment, but told the story behind the moment. Thank you for your creativity, energy and commitment to preserving the memories!


  • Ben

    I’m not sure you can take a bad picture of me… especially with those socks. So you’re welcome and great job!

  • Karen Schenfelt

    These photos are beyond stunning! And what a fabulous, colorful wedding. I’m pretty certain Maggie would have stolen those Converse sneakers right off Casey’s feet if she had seen them!

  • Chad Oliver

    Its takes a lot for me to be impressed by pics, but these ROCK!! Great stuff, Annabelle!

  • MaryAnn McCormack

    I agree with Chad. These are simply extraordinary photos! Patrick and I had a wonderful time at the wedding and reception. Thank-you for the beautiful evening.

  • Marlene Bayer

    Incredible photography!

  • Sue Bricker

    Truly phenomenal! These photographs definitely tell an amazing, beautiful story compiled by someone who loves her work!

  • Christy

    WOW! I love every detail of the wedding! What an amazing photographer! It looked like a spread in a wedding magazine. She really captured all the special moments of their day :)

  • Andrea

    Breath taking photos! Great photography that is so natural. I love the one with you and Casey together!

  • Marylinda Freyermuth

    What a beautiful job! I attended the wedding and know how special it was on so many levels. You were able to capture those feelings in every photo.

  • Marylinda Freyermuth

    What a beautiful job. I attended the wedding and it was special on so many levels. You were able to caputre all of it.

  • Amy Landers

    A big sigh of relief, the last piece of the puzzle is in place, the photos are awesome!! Casey had faith in you Annabelle, but you delivered much more than expected. Incredible photos capturing some very personal shots. Fabulous job!

  • Terri

    What incredible photos that define the love and spirit of the day! These photographs are so creative and inspirational capturing Casey and Steve’s happiness as well as what a great time everyone had that day. The photos look very natural and not “posed.” Congratulations to Casey and Steve on their beautiful wedding!

  • Mary Dougherty

    Beautiful pictures that capture the fun and excitement of the day as well as the pre-planned details which added to the specialness of the day!

  • Mike, Casey's father


    I am dumbstruck by your spectacular images. They are instant family treasures. Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity. A special day captured perfectly by a very talented artist.

  • Lori

    What amazing pictures! The photographer is amazing and I love all the little details that made the day so special. I love the colors too!

  • Steve Smith

    Anabelle, your photos are absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have asked for anything more!

  • Maggie Boyer

    What a fantastic way to capture a perfectly lovely day! These photos will truly make Casey, Steve and their families smile for years to come! Fantastic work, Annabelle!

  • Chip Smith

    Wow. These captured the beauty of the event unspeakably well. I will, however, try. The detail is fantastic. One can actually see cake crumbs as they are about to hit Steve’s face! Additionally, it is exceedingly rare for me to appreciate a photo bearing my likeness; there are several here. Every last one of them seems to be imbued with a little fairy dust. Bravo, Annabelle, bravo!

  • Absolutely stunning photographs, you captured very special moments of two very special people … Love the socks Ben !!!

  • Betty McDermott {Grammy}

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful You did a great job Casey and Steve can look at them in later years and remember the day over and over.You had a beautiful wedding to photograph and you did
    a super job of it.Anxious to see the remaining ones.

  • Marianne Smith

    These are wonderful! Can’t wait to see more – these are so creative! Super job. I’ll certainly think of you when I need a professional photographer.

  • Karen Ungemach

    These are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. The site is beautiful, the touches of the wedding are awesome, (thanks to Casey and her creativity) but the photography is amazing! Casey and Steve, you chose an awesome photographer!! She is definitely an artist!!

  • Jen Stepulitis

    These pictures are so beautiful! The colors and backdrops are gorgeous! What great memories captured!

  • Fawn Kearns

    I’ve visited Kings Gap State Park many times and it is an enchanting place that can’t be expressed in words. These photographs are definitely able to express what words cannot. Casey and Steve are so luck to have this awesome record of their awesome day! Beautiful!

  • The photos are great, capturing what appears in a million ways to have been a special day in a great, natural location.

    The picture that best shows love, respect, and the joy and fatigue of a wedding is the black and white one where Casey has her head down on her new husband Steve’s shoulder. That picture truly encompasses every emotion from a wedding day, as well as all the emotions of married life. The ability to have a shoulder for the other, to know that the shoulder is there — that’s love. That’s what marriage is all about.

    That a wedding photographer was able to capture it is a huge surprise. That Annabelle was able to capture it is no surprise. She knows how to find the special moments at a wedding or a boring photo shoot with a tall, dorky guy (hypothetically speaking, of course). I only wish she had been around to shoot my wedding in 1988, but I think she was still a child then. :)

    Annabelle’s photos make me want to have new photos shot of my wedding, while the special qualities captured here of Steve and Casey’s wedding make me want redo my wedding so we could show as much of our personalities.

  • Jan Repa

    Casey – Your wedding looked liked so much fun! I’m glad the weather cooperated for you.

  • Allemande

    I just happened onto your site and love your wedding pictures and smart ideas, esp. the idea of hiding sneakers under the wedding dress!

    Congrats to both of you.

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