Jarrettsville Sunflower Field Engagement : Heather and Jordy

For years I’ve been meaning to make it out to the famed sunflower fields of Jarrettsville, Maryland and this year I finally did! When I met with Heather about her wedding photography, she told me that her dream was to have engagement photos with the sunflowers and I couldn’t have been happier to fill that request. Even though it looked like the weather wasn’t going to hold, in the end it did and we had some gorgeous blue skies to match the beautiful greens and yellows of the fields. I don’t know about you, but sunflowers bring a smile to my face. And so does this fun session with Heather and Jordy — I had a great time doing these and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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  • Angela

    WOW. I’m seriously weeping. They are so beautiful, your love shines through time and time again for each other.


  • Veronika

    These photos are beautiful and what a unique idea…… sunflowers!!

    Love ya


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