It’s For You

Jeremy and Lisa were almost workmates of mine.  Okay, maybe not. (Haha, I didn’t tell them this, but the place where they met — their work — was a place I applied to when I first got out of college!)  However, they managed to find me anyway, which is awesome because I then got the opportunity to do their oh-so-fun Halloween engagement shoot.  (It was not Halloween-themed, just shot on Halloween.)

I loved this couple and this shoot.  The weather was perfect, the clouds cooperated, Jeremy learned the ropes quickly and even started telling Lisa how to pose halfway-thru (“Okay, now you look at me. Now, look at her.  Now, we’ll look at each other.)  Hehe….still makes me laugh.

So wonderful working with Jeremy and Lisa — I wish them the best of luck!  Here are their sneak peak pictures!

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