It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…

…which is, of course, my favorite time of year.

I haven’t blogged too much recently because I have been trying to get photos edited and out the door before Christmas.  Which means a lot to do, little time to do it in.  Fortunately, Jack Frost stepped in today to aid my unfocused mind and gave me perfect weather conditions for sitting cozily inside.  In order to feel more like a photographer and less like a photoeditor, I grabbed my camera before sitting down to work and snapped the picture below.  Can I just say thank you to my good and trusty sidekick, Tink (my camera) for not fogging up as we stepped outside?  (Yes, I named my camera. Yes, she’s named after Tinkerbell — from one of my favorite childhood stories.)

Enjoy all the craziness of the season, I’ll be blogging more Christmas pictures as I shoot them.  (This is when I get to shoot for just sheer enjoyment, after all!)

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