Natasha and David // Shade Trees and Evergreens Couple Shoot

Anyone that knows me knows that I am prone to emotional responses — I cry in movies, at Hallmark commercials — basically, I’m a bit of a sap.

So, needless to say, the sneak peak from this photoshoot brings tears to my eyes.

Natasha and David contacted me about getting in a pre-Christmas couples photoshoot a few days ago, but with a bit of urgency involved.  David is in the Marines and deploying in a few weeks.  As we gathered on the grounds of Shade Trees and Evergreens yesterday morning, Natasha explained to me that David has been deployed for most of their marriage and they like to take the opportunity to do pictures whenever they get a chance.  It’s easy to tell how in love they are with each other, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of these images to me:  despite being cold (the lake beside us was frozen — David and I walked across a small part of it!) and battling the icy wind, Natasha and David exude the love and affection they have for each other.

I wish them all the best this Christmas and thank them for both for the sacrifices they make for the rest of us.  It was an amazing shoot, thanks so much!

Now, here’s the sneak peak:

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