Historic Savage Mill After Shoot : Chaeli and Jacob

Though posting Chaeli and Jake’s wedding on the blog is still on my to do list, I’ve decided to do things in the typical manner of a B-type personality and go ahead and do things backward!  Anyway…

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of catching up with one super awesome couple from last year, Chaeli and Jake! Chaeli and Jake were married at the very end of December with their reception at Savage Mill; unfortunately, it was POURING on their wedding day.  So the best solution to this was to have an after-shoot, of course! We decided to wait until things got just a little bit warmer and then headed back to Savage Mill to grab some of those pictures that Chaeli and Jake had been envisioning for their wedding day.  I had such a fabulous time wandering around the location with Chaeli and Jake — they are truly a great and fun couple and time just flew while we did the shoot!  They also are naturals in front of the camera so there was a whole lot of awesome-ness going on that day.  So here’s some of my favorites!  :)


  • Catherine Lane

    EEEck!!! These are so gorgeous, Annabelle!!! I cannot wait until my turn in September!!!

  • Shannon

    These look amazing!

  • Chaeli Lovelady

    I LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for meeting with us to do the aftershoot! We had so much fun with you we forgot the time too! The pictures are amazing! Thanks for using your talent to capture our special day!

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