Historic Ellicott City Engagements : Gina and Brian

Last Saturday morning, I met up with Gina and Brian for their e-session in Historic Ellicott City.  I’m always amazed at how many cool and different places I can find to shoot at in this place while I’m walking around.  There’s also something so lovely about going there in the morning, when stores are just opening, bakeries and coffee houses are puffing with amazing aromas and life just has that wide-eyed, new feeling that dawn’s sunny rays bring.

Gina and Brian were so great to spend that time with and it was truly wonderful seeing how lovingly and happily they interact together.  I really enjoyed getting to know them a bit better and getting to spy on their little picnic in the grass, among the black-eyed Susans.  I can’t wait for their wedding in October, which will be a wonderful “White Sheets” affair. ;)

  • Gina

    Thank you so much! They look awesome! :-) It was a pleasure working with you, and I can’t wait to see you on the big day!

  • Absolutely stunning pictures! Amazing compositions! Look forward to seeing you on the big day!

  • These pictures look awesome! I love your picnic ones (especially with the two of you and your drinks, haha) and the ones standing in front of that dark red-brown doorway. So beautiful! Congrats to you both! :)

  • Dee M

    What FUN! Your pictures of Gina and Brian make it ‘feel’ like I am right along with them on their trip through Ellicott City. I like the casual “walk and kiss” feel to them, and I simply LOVE the close-up of them sipping their drinks.

  • Tammy

    The pictures really seem to capture their personalities! Congrats to your families!

  • Diane McCallister

    I love the picnic scenes with the flowers. You can see their love in every photo. Great photography!

  • mary lou griffin

    What awesome photos sis! The photographer really captured their love for each other. Congratulations Brian & Gina.

  • Pat Cotingham

    Beautiful photos! They really catch the essence of the subjects.

  • Cat

    Wow! These are so wonderful! You’ve really captured a boundless joy in both life and each other! <3 <3

  • Mary F

    Great shots! You both look very happy.

  • julia nefczyk

    Wonderfully set photos. Brian and Gina look made for each other and extremely happy.

  • Jean Dede

    Brian and Gina’s pictures are marvelous. I really like the playfulness of the one of them sipping their drinks. And the one of them in the narrow stairwell is timeless….

  • such beautiful pictures!! priceless!!

  • beautiful!! these pictures are priceless!!

  • Donna Baylor

    Very creative pictures. The daisy shots, walking up the stairs, leaning against building, just 2 people in love sharing a day. The black n’ whites are classic the one with Gina laying her head on Brian’s chest…good job.

  • Robin

    These are lovely photos! Nicely put together.

  • Doris Dede

    Awesome photos, makes one feeel the “love”

  • Missy

    I love the upside down striped blanket pix. Awesome idea!

  • Wendy

    Great pics!

  • Linda McCormick

    These were beautiful! What town do they live in, the buildings and surroundings looked very historical.

  • Joseph L. Lennox-Smith, M.Ed.

    The pictures clearly depict two people who love each other; the warmth of expression tells it all. The composition, color and location are well thought out with remarkable results. This is clearly a quality shoot and can only enhance already beautiful memories. Congratulations Gina and Brian from and old friend of you mother who once shared a stage with here in High School.

  • Paula

    What a great session! You really have an eye for catching the perfect moment!

  • Chris

    Cute couple. Hope you have a wonderful long life together

  • Cathy Strong

    The pictures are really beautiful. They all look natural and not staged. Very lovely. Congrats!

  • looks great, i am always happy to say congrats to good photos

  • Barb Timken

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love the shots. You both look amazing. Best wishes for a wonderful life together :))

  • Sandi Watts

    Very nice engagement pictures of Brian and Gina. The colors are amazing!

  • Patsy M

    These photos are awesome!

  • Veronica s

    Very nice, they are beautiful, you two look so good together!

  • Linda Vaeth

    Very nice shots. Best wishes.

  • I love the “White Sheets Affair” comment by the Photographer who by the way did an awesome job on their photos. All the shots she took are wonderful of the two of them together…..they look so happy together. A very handsome couple!! Best Wishes for the Wedding <3

  • All you need is love played in my head as I was scrolling through the pictures. Wonderful photography that captured the essence of the personalities and feelings of two young people in love.

  • kim lawson

    Brian & Gina’s photos with the Black Eyed Susan’s are awesome! Love the colors of purple, blue and yellow! They just pop!! Looks like they had a fun time with the shoot.

  • Toni Neal

    Beautifully done pictures – love the settings, and the natural look.

  • beautiful photos, great back-drops, amazingly real, their happiness was captured very naturally

  • Really great pictures. Natural looking! (best one..them looking up from picnic blanket…upside down.

  • Really great pictures, natural looking. ( best one, them looking up from picnic blanket) appears upside down.

  • Theresa W.

    So nice to see the future bride and groom enjoying themselves in one of their favorite places–Ellicott City! The photographs really capture the tenderness they both have for each other. Love the black and white picture and the one where they are smooching in the stairwell. It is reminiscent of a time-long tradition called love.

  • Jason Sheets

    Great photos, I really like them, can’t wait to see you all again soon.

  • Skip

    These pictures are fantastic. The photographer caught the essence of their feelings and reflected it in the pictures.

  • Kathy

    Lovely photos!

  • Hi, Gina and Brian. The photos are fantastic. You can truly see the love between the two of you. I love how the architecture, etc., were used in the photos. My favorite photos are #3, #5, #6, and the black-n-white. God bless your union.

  • gudrun b

    lovely, lovely pictures! hope your lives together will be this grand! (look at the pictures when you hit a rough spot!)

  • Katie Burton

    I love these!! Especially the one where you and Brian are laying down and looking at each other – so cute! <33

  • Mark M

    Very nice engagement pictures. There is a good variety too. My favorite is the two of you standing in the stairwell. The colors are so brilliant in all of them. And they make you feel like you are taking a walk and spying in on the two lovebirds. Congratulations !

  • Joyce Everett

    The pics are great. If I didn’t already know how much they loved each other, the pics would certainly have told me. Two great people are becoming one, who could ask for more of a miracle!

  • sharon armstrong

    very nice and all the more memorable especially since some of the places were destrpyed in the flood in July.

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