Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday was one of those amazing lovely days at the during the winter when you can feel the warmth of the sun wrap around you and you start to feel that there’s hope that the dreary grey months of cold will soon be over.  There was a beautiful, gauzy glow to the sky toward the end of the day and it seemed liked the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot — for me!  (Haha, I seem to be growing more and more noticeably absent in my family’s pictures.)

I really had been wanting to do a shoot for a bit — like all professionals, I have to have a few good snapshots for displaying! Luckily, my trusty sidekick was up for the challenge and I got some awesome images I can’t wait to use.  Check out my Valentine’s day present:

The setting.

"Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close up."

Sitting in snow in a skirt = cold!

Getting into my groove.

Loving this.

My favorite.

A windy day, makes long hair go stray.

The golden glow of the sun.

I could have been a flower child.

Yours truly. So happy with these images!

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