Hazy, crazy, days of october

It’s close to midnight and I’m up offloading and backing up images from my engagement session earlier today (and can I just say thank you to the awesome couple who were not only great, think outside the box people, but with whom I had the great pleasure of sharing a beer?) while I try to get a little editing done.

I hear it’s October, which means that my busiest and most crazy month of the year has been this month and I have been waking up every morning at five o’clock in the morning my brain trying to sort out what I need to do for the day until I get back to sleep for a couple of hours so that I’m actually somewhat rested for the work day (I’ve been known to suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia). In the next week, I have a shoot scheduled for every day (with a wedding on Saturday), my nephew’s baptism to attend, and then I’m heading up to New York at the beginning of next week for the WPPI/PDN conference.  After that, I head home for some photo shoots and then fly out to Orlando — a trip I’ve been wanting to take for a while. Things ease up a bit in November, but with the awesome Genesis workshop set for Memphis, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I feel like I’m on the back of a freight train at the moment. :)

Life is good, hectic, and I wake up every morning thanking God for letting me do a job I love.  I miss writing stories and seeing some of my friends, but that’s what winter is for, haha, right? I’m so very blessed at the moment and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve got a ton of pictures to post from many, many sessions the last few weeks.  In that vein, though I’ve loved bringing larger storyboards to the blog the last few months, time constraints are making that increasingly more difficult.  Posts, like the days, may be getting a bit shorter so that previews come out a bit closer to event dates.  I am so excited about the images I have to share with you all that showcase the beautiful people, the romance, and the places that I’ve been getting to see and visit — if you want to get to know a town, photography is a good way to do it!

So I leave you with an image from a wedding this past weekend at the lovely Hotel Monaco in downtown Baltimore…look for much more in the coming days…


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