Happy President’s Day!

So normally, I take advantage of each and every opportunity I have to sleep in because I tend be a night owl and am not a morning person — but not today!  Today, I woke up at 6 am and, instead of rolling over and trying to catch a few more hours of sleep, I got to work.  And after scrolling through thousands of pictures, making one trip to Barnes and Noble (where I stayed from 11-5!), two iced teas, one spinach and feta pretzel, one blueberry muffin, a few tears of frustration and exhaustion…I FINALLY DID IT!

The new website is up!  The new pricing guide is finished!  The new me is officially launched on the web!

Yay!!!!! Whew….I am so tired and my eyes hurt from staring at a computer screen.

Now…to turn my attention to redoing my home office…

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