Happy Mother’s Day!

There’s a picture that I keep on my desk, that I’ve kept on my desk, for many years now. It’s not the best picture in the world — looking back on it, I see the types of flaws and compositional errors which I now try to avoid — but it is precious to me nonetheless.  It’s a picture of me, my mother, and my grandmother (my mom’s mom).  I don’t have a lot of pictures of just the three of us (despite the fact that my family has always been pretty good at documenting life with pictures) and maybe that’s why I love this one so much.  More than that, though, it always keeps the images of two of the strongest and most inspirational women I know and love right beside me.

I look like my mother, which everyone has always told me, but I’m glad that the strongest characteristic she passed on to me was a work ethic which has led me to pursue my dreams and persevere.  My mom is a rock star to me — she works harder than almost anyone I know and she is one of the greatest success stories out there.  As for my grandmother, though I’ve been told I inherited her ability to cry at the drop of a hat (haha, we probably are the people who cry the easiest in my family), I can only hope that I was able to learn from her a bit of her strong-willed optimism and her incredible faith.  I’m proud to come from such strong women, women of character, women who — like everyone else — have their flaws, but are unquestionably good, faithful, loyal, and beautiful, both inside and out.

So Happy Mother’s Day to them, and to all the mother’s out there.  It’s a tough job and I couldn’t thank God more for choosing such pillars of womanhood to be my role models.  I love you, Momma.


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