a very happy birthday

To my somewhat nervous anticipation, I exited my twenties on Friday.  I’ve had plenty of people tell me that their 30s were (or are) the best years of their lives and knowing how tough the 20s can be, I’m hoping that’s true! Every decade seem to have its ups and downs of course, but I think I hit my 20s thinking that I was pretty wise and grown up and knew where I was going.  The reality was that I was a kid without a clue. My 20s, for all their joys and sorrows, were a time of tremendous personal growth, of more than just a few skinned knees, and of blindly groping my way through the dark and narrow paths of the unknowns.  Toward the end of the decade, I started to feel as though things were starting to finally click. I fell happily in love with my soulmate and was blessed enough to grow a career in a field that I absolutely enjoy and cherish.  As I enter my 30s, I realize more now than ever how little I do know, how much there still is to learn, and how happy I am that the life I had planned as a 20 year old never came to fruition.

Friday was quite possibly one of the happiest days of my life. The sun shone (which, having a May birthday is pretty rare), it was a lovely and peaceful day, and then I went out to dinner with Patrick (my wonderful boyfriend).  And at the end of the evening, he gave me this present, the best birthday present a girl could ask for. :)

  • Kathy Hickey

    Congratulations, Annabelle!!!!!

  • Holly John

    Congrats!!!!What a wonderful birthday gift :)

  • Jessica Modderman

    Beautiful, Annabelle! Congratulations :) and happy birthday!

  • Jessie Baker

    Congratulations Annabelle!!! The ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! :0)

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