Gunpowder State Park Engagements : Layne and Zack

Where to begin with this awesome, awesome engagement shoot?

I could begin by telling you about how after Layne and I settled on a date for the shoot, she kept me in suspense about the location as she got all the details together and how it turned out to be an amazing, incredible place like I have been daydreaming of.

Or I could tell you about how Layne and Zack are so awesome that I agreed to get up for a sunrise shoot (anyone that knows me know that I am not a morning person at all) and the light that time of day was absolutely magical.

Or I could go on about how this was such a fun shoot, how Layne and Zack are fun-loving people who are blissfully, passionately, and happily in love, who make each other laugh constantly, who made this whole shoot an absolute blast, and how happy I am that I get to shoot their wedding next year!  :)  There’s so much of Layne and Zack in this shoot — from Zack’s fun and sometimes kooky ideas which were fantastic to Layne’s seriously cool sense of color, style, and overall creativity (um, I think I have to steal that bracelet idea, by the way).  I hope you all love this e-session as much as I do — I had a hard time picking which ones to post!

  • Layne Gorsuch

    A MILLION THANK YOU’S ANNABELLE! You are one amazing photographer & have such a great eye. These are better than I could have ever expected & could not be happier. I cannot wait for our wedding day & see what other amazing tricks you have up your sleeve! Thanks for such great company & making us feel so comfortable during this session! <3

  • Amy Rogulski

    Wow! What beautiful pics! No better description of how in love and fun loving Layne and Zack are! Love them! Kinda makes me wanna go and do a 10 year anniversary session…lol!! BEAUTIFUL work!

  • Julia Elgert

    Great Pictures Layne & Zach! You are both so photogenic!Can’t wait to see the wedding photos! Love you!

  • Michael Bryant

    Great pictures!!

  • Nancy B

    Fantastic shots! Some are fun, some serious, some sweet–all so well done. I really loved the playfulness of them, Layne’s gorgeous eys and my son’s warm and loving smile. Thanks for sharing, lovebirds. Looking forward to the upcoming wedding season for Zack and Layne and being a part of it!

  • Jen Blinke

    These photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I know who I will be coming to when I get engaged/married. Beautiful work, and of course Layne looks wonderful. Really captured the couple perfectly

  • Patti Gorsuch

    Layne and Zack…or should I say Annabelle…these are absolutely amazing…There are no words to describe the beauty in the photos. We knew we made the right decision when we decided to have Annabelle do the wedding photos…this confirms what we already knew…she is a very talented young woman…and looking forward to seeing the wedding photos. love mom

  • Zack Bryant

    Thanks Annabelle, these look great!!

  • Joe Krabbs

    great pics…cute couple

  • Steve Bottcher

    Nice Pictures!!!

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