Grey Rock Mansion Wedding : Kaitlin and Casey

A few weeks back, I had the awesome job of being Kaitlin and Casey’s wedding photographer.  After their fabulous engagement session at Cylburn Arboretum in June, I knew that working with Kaitlin and Casey was going to be an absolute blast and that I couldn’t wait to do their wedding.  Both of them are so easy to get along with, funny, friendly and kind.  They make a fantastic pair, bringing out the best in each other, and great at making each other (and me!) laugh.  The day was so beautiful and so were they!  Love this couple. (Um, and check out Kaitlin’s gorgeous vintage-styled shoes below. Love!)

Weddings bring about moments like the one below that make my gushy heart melt.  Casey was brushing away Kaitlin’s tears after the vows…so beautiful.

Congratulations Kaitlin and Casey!  I wish you tons of happiness together! :)

  • Jenny LeJeune

    So much talent! You truly are an inspiration to photographers everywhere.

  • Amy Keene

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Annabelle, you have captured their Wedding Day so well, you are an amazing Photographer and Kait and Casey you guys look Marvelous.

  • Danielle Corbitt

    Amazing pictures. The bride is stunning!!

  • Jen

    Great pics! You looked MARVELOUS Kait!

  • Ella Kostinsky

    Beautiful photos and oh what a beautiful couple!

  • Donald Corbitt

    Nice job of capturing the comfortable, loving relationship between Kaitlin and Casey.

    Loved Tom’s obvious pride in Kaitlin and the husband she chose.

  • Katie

    Incredible shots of a gorgeous crew!

  • Katie

    Looking at these shots made me cry. Annabelle captured some awesome moments (I like Kim shushing the girls during the ceremony). Kait, you are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Sheila Corbitt

    Annabelle, we were guests and you truly captured the “simple elegance” we all loved about the weddiing in your photographs. Loved the combination of the few black and whites mixed in. What a beautiful collection of photos for Casey and Kaitlan to look at and love for years to come. Beautiful work!

  • Mike Kearney

    Awesome pictures. Incredible clarity and great shots throughout!

  • BCorbitt

    Wow ! Some really great shots. Thanks very much for including us in on a really great wedding.

  • Robin Kearney

    What an amazing array of pictures. It captured the spirit of love that was evident that day.

  • kim

    awesome!!!!!!!! Great Day. Grest picts!

  • Tyler

    I just want to thank you so much for capturing so perfectly, one of the best days I have ever had with my family in my life. I love the picture of dad and kait dancing and ms. susan and kait at the beginning. The shots by the trees are incredible!

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