Georgetown Engagements : Angie and David

Today’s e-session preview is one of the sweetest ones I’ve posted (and total pun intended here, you’ll find out why…).  A couple of weeks ago, I made my way down to Georgetown, where Angie and David live.  Like many young people in the DC area, they’re transplants from other places, their particular story beginning in Florida where they met in college.  Graduate school led them to DC though and so Angie and David did a lot of planning and walking the streets of Georgetown so that we could do our best to capture as much of a glimpse into Georgetown as we could.

Speaking of “glimpses of Georgetown”, Angie and David decided they wanted part of their engagement session to take place at Georgetown Cupcakes.  It was the first time I’d been in there (the long line to get into it had always kept me away, but it was a weeknight and the line was short — we even got a table), and mmm….so yummy.  I absolutely loved that they wanted to include the cupcake stop in their session — it was so cute and fun (and David reallly loves cupcakes). Then again, Angie and David are pretty fun and very cute together.  I had an awesome evening with them and I can’t wait for their wedding next year! :)

  • Brooke

    Super cute! I love the black and white ones!

  • Diana Johnson

    These photographs are amazing! David, you and Angie make the most beautiful couple and you both look so happy! Your photographer has truly brought out the love you and Angie share and has done a wonderful job! My favorite is the black and white one in front of the arched bridge. Looking at your photos makes me realize how proud I am of you and all that you have accomplished! You and Angie are both great role models for our families! We love you both so much and can’t wait for your wedding day!

  • Robyn Flanigin

    Great photos! So beautiful and real! I bet you enjoyed taking the kissing ones.
    Great practice for your wedding day!
    Aunt Robyn Flanigin

  • Tom Painter

    Great pics David! Congrats!

  • Hali

    I am so glad you guys found such a great photographer and can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! These pictures are bright and super fun; they really show both of your personalities. I cannot pick a favorite because they are all so unique and creative. I love you guys and can’t wait to see you soon!

  • Amanda

    You guys look so cute! Good choice in location, but great shots!:)

  • Nick Vecchioni

    Being the proud father of the future bride to be may cloud my judgement. However, I do have to state after seeing these beautiful pictures that David and Angie look like they are very happy and belong together.

    I see a bright future for both of them and hope that any bumps in the road of life are few and far between. These pictures tell a story of two young people who love each other, are very happy together, and are very committed to each other. I hope the flame never dies.


  • Sharon Vecchioni

    I just love these pictures! It looks like a professional photo shoot for a magazine. You both look so relaxed and happy and the backgrounds are great. I love the orange building, yellow wall, old door, and bridge in the background. Your ring on the cupcake is pure bling! Angie and David, you truly are a beautiful couple and your love for each other and comfort with each other really comes through in these pictures.
    Love, Mom

  • Gregg Smith

    Beautiful Pictures. Wishing you both many years of joy and happiness ahead.

  • Curt and Kelly

    Lovely shots! Loved the black and whites and the bridge seen. What a beautiful couple…. Oh…and Kelly LOVED the ring!!

  • Lou

    Amazing photos! And now I want a cupcake too…

  • Ron and Ann Roberts

    Angie and David-

    These are absolutely lovely photographs! You two are truly two young people who have worked hard, planned well and deserve all the happiness you can get. We wish
    the best of both of you.

    Ron and Ann Roberts

  • Mariann Umstead

    The pictures are wonderful! You make such a wonderful couple! Enjoy the wedding planning!

  • Lil & Tony Catoggio

    Great pictures. We could see the love surrounding the future bride and groom. Well done !

  • What a wonderful set of photos. Angie, the 2 of you make a beautiful couple. Continue to love and cherish one another as you spend your life together as husband and wife.

  • Christine & Jim Hanson

    These are WONDERFUL. How very cleaver of you both and the photographer to take such revealing pictures. David and Angie are clearly shown enjoying each other, caring for each other, and being silly with each other. I do love the cupcakes and now know we need to go during the week. Thanks for sharing – these depict you both totally.

  • Rushab

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple!

  • Nathan Walker

    The pictures look great! Happy for you guys :)

  • Anna Vecchioni

    I love the pictures! The backgrounds are really pretty. I’m super excited for the wedding and I’m so happy for you guys!

  • Will

    Congratulations!!! You two look great!
    p.s My favorite is the black and white in front of the bridge

  • Aaron

    Lookin hawt you two!

  • Tony V

    Good stuff! Quality choice of location, and you got some cupcakes out of it!

  • Dylan Crain

    Congrats on the engagement. You guys will have a happy life together!

  • Gl;ynda and Maury

    David, We are so glad you shared these wonderful photographs and Glynda finally got a glimpse of Angie. (You know, for the longest time we teased you about your phantom girlfriend.) She is a very lovely young lady and you two make a great looking couple. Your photographer was able to depict your mischievousness so well. We are looking forward to the wedding.

  • Wayne & Dawn

    The pictures are wonderful. What great locations. We wish you both much happiness and success together.

  • kathleen Hykes

    these are the BEST pics ever…. i think u guys need to change your jobs and become professional models ! i m so happy for you two… ur love shows in your eyes with every picture… i love you both sooooo much and wish you all the love in the world !
    aunt kathy x0x0x0x00xx0x0

  • Linda

    I love your photographs, they are beautiful!! You guys make a great couple, very photogenic. Have a long and happy marriage!

  • Khara Baughan

    These are fantastic photos and you two make a beautiful couple. I think the photographer did a great job capturing the love and joy that is held between the two of you. I especially love the ones where you are holding each other and laughing, they’re just wonderful. I’m really excited for you two!

  • Jessi Kim

    Congrats! Looks like you two were lucky when it came to weather! Best wishes!

  • Debbie Grove

    Beautiful pictures. Congratulations on you engagement.

  • E

    Congrats on the engagement! Great pics

  • Matt Crowley

    Congrats to David and Angie! The wedding will be here before you know it.

  • nick and faye minnicozzi

    love the black and white photos….congrats

  • Denise

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike and Janice Stamper

    Great photo session with a good looking couple.The DC/Georgetown backgroumd is a plus. Nice!

  • Emily

    Love all of the color! Beautiful photos…I have a few of the same doorways in Georgetown from my own camera, but these are amazing! Congratulations to David and Angie.

  • aunt bern and uncle lou

    angie,lou and I have gotten to know your humorous side, and have gotten to know david. we wish the best for you both, individually and as a couple. Your album will be beautiful.

  • Meryl Burgin

    What beautiful pictures! I love the black and white in front of the bridge. Enjoy your engagement-this should be the “sweetest” time ever and I hope it is just the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness! Meryl Burgin

  • Jenny

    These photos are absolutely beautiful! I love all of the color contrasts and the black and white pictures are super cute! I still can’t believe Angie, who I’ve known for most of my life is getting married! I couldn’t be happier for the two of you and can’t wait until the wedding day!!! :-)

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