George Peabody Library Wedding : Nora and Neil

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog, but when you’re in the middle of redoing your website and all of a sudden you try to make a blog post and things are different…it really can throw you off!

So, I am finally starting the 2017 wedding season’s blog posts with a gorgeous March soiree at the incomparable George Peabody Library! Nora and Neil’s wedding was the essence of glitz and glamour and, even though the temperatures dipped that weekend, this awesome couple still was able to make the most of their lovely Mount Vernon surroundings for some great outdoors shots. There were so many fun things that Nora and Neil incorporated into their day, including a caricature artist for cocktail hour (which is definitely a first for me!!). Also, a shoutout to Sharon at Celebrations who put so much hard work into this one. Loved this couple — enjoy the pictures!

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