From the man who doesn’t get enough credit…

For the last few years, there’s been an “unsung hero” team member to my business — my husband, Patrick. He’s frequently the second shooter at weddings. This past fall, when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, he also acted in the role of assistant to a lot of scheduled shoots and events. He climbed trees when I couldn’t, drove so I could sleep in the car, and took charge at times so I could give myself IV’s due to my hyperemesis. He’s a little bit more quiet than I am and stays a bit more to the background than I do. He also puts up with my bossiness when I get in work-mode and start giving orders (we’ve had a few laughs with brides and grooms this past year who only understood our work dynamic once they learned we were married).

As the years have gone by, I have quietly sat back and admired his work, which integrates so well with mine. He’s a great shooter and he really doesn’t get enough credit from me in these blog posts.

The other day, I was working late at night while it was snowing and he grabbed a camera and some lighting equipment and went outside. A little while later, he came and grabbed me and asked if I would put my wedding dress on. So I did. And here’s what he got:

ADP-1-2 copy ADP-2-1 copy ADP-11 copy

Pretty cool, right?

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