Federal Hill Engagements : Shendel and Ken

Last week, Shendel and Ken braved the sweltering July heat to climb to the top of Federal Hill with me for their engagement session in Baltimore.  If it’s any indication of what a great couple they are, they brought along a cooler with water bottles — including one for me! So sweet.

I had a blast walking around the Fed Hill area with Shendel and Ken for their e-shoot.  They’re so easy to talk to and I loved hearing about their furry loves (they have 2 dogs), how they met (in high school, they graduated the same year actually and then went to the same school and that’s where the romance took off ;P), and all about the many things they have planned for this year.  We started the shoot at the top of the Hill and then explored down by the waterfront a bit before coming back to the top to get some sunset pictures that Shendel had requested.  As a little side note, one of the reasons they settled on the hill for their e-shoot is that you can see their wedding venue from it in the Baltimore city skyline.  I really had a wonderful time and can’t wait for their wedding in March!


  • Krista

    Gorgeous! These turned out fantastic and I cannot wait to see the wedding photos in March! Beautiful weather and beautiful pictures :0)

  • Krista

    Gorgeous! The pictures turned out beautiful. Cannot wait to see the wedding pictures in March! Loved the venue too!

  • Mandy

    OMG, that third to the last picture would look amazing blown up on a canvas and displayed! You guys look great, and can’t beat the backdrop ;)

  • laura fenton

    Brought an old friend to tears! Beautiful pictures! I love them all so much! Seriously… Im still sobbing.

  • Mark Kerzner

    Gorgeous pictures!

  • Dorie

    I just Love all your photo’s.

  • laura deschaine

    Love them all so much! You cant even tell it was a thousand or so degrees outside!

  • Sumi

    Wow! These photos turned out great — you can’t even really tell how hot it was. :) Beautiful photos of a great looking couple!!! So happy for you two!!

  • Katie Gast

    Looks like God approves with all that heavenly sunlight pouring down. Very very lovely, guys!

  • Angelique

    These are beautiful shots! You two look so wonderfully happy and in love. Again, beautiful!

  • Christina

    Wow!!! They turned out beautiful! I really love the shots as the sun was going down. :)

  • Raiann Curtis

    it’s hard to pick a favorite… they are all so nice… I’m partial to black and white :-)

  • Kelley

    These are fantastic…your love for eachother radiates out of so many of them. My very favorite is the one with the sunbeam shining through just before you kiss, followed closely by the one of Shendel hugging Ken from the back with eyes closed in perfect contentment! Love you both and am so excited for you! Was great to think back over your relationship together while browsing! I know your future will be full of happiness!

  • Lauren

    Wow, they are beautiful! I love the one of you kissing with the water and the domino’s sign blury in the background. I think the 20th one from the top. It looks like a postcard!
    congrats to both of you!!

  • Jeannine

    Great pictures – so romantic. You both look incredibly happy. I’m sure you can’t wait to be married.

  • Jeannine

    Great pictures – so romantic. You both look incredibly happy. I’m sure you can’t wait to be married :)

  • Sandy

    The photos are beautiful and really show your love for each other.

  • Gloria and Lee

    You are a beautiful couple and the pictures are excellent. We love you both.

  • Marcia

    I’m gonna cry…… Wonderful pictures! I can see all the love. The picture of Ken touching your hair … so romantic.

  • Molly

    These are AMAZING! I love the ones around the park. You have a great photographer :)

  • Aunt Theresa

    These are great! Such a cute couple and you look so much in love! So happy for you both!

  • Amie

    Shendelly these are AMAZING!!! You look stunningly beautiful and so so happy! Your groom is pretty handsome as well! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  • Gale

    Marvelous pictures! There are so many great poses! You too make such a cute couple! Wish you both much happiness!

  • Denise and Sean

    Saved the best for last!!! You two look great (:

  • Laura Jamroz

    AWWW!!!!! Your love for each other really shines in these photos, it’s such a sweet, sincere love and it’s great when photos really capture that essence of the relationship! Very classy as well. I adore the sun flare poses too. Just a taste of what’s to come with this wonderful couple, I cannot wait to share in the wedding day!!!!

  • Donna

    They are all beautiful. The picture of you two where you see only your shadowed profiles in the distance is my favorite.

    Picture 17 (you guys walking along the promenade) looks like a magazine advertisement for something.

  • Diane Weber

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Such awesome memories to treasure! They say a picture says a thousand words … these say love, love, love AND more love … just beautiful! So happy for you both!

  • James Curtis

    Very nice. I might not even have to photoshop any of them

  • Mary Ellen

    The photos are spectacular! Great choice of location and I definitely think the sunset photos were a must. I can only see one problem – how will you choose a favorite out of all these lovely photographs!

  • Jen

    You guys look adorable! I am so happy that 10 years after graduating you are still together and getting married now! The pictures are gorgeous!

  • Kathy

    Great pics. Congratulations, Shendel and Ken!

  • uh oh this is begining to become too real.. Im sooo excited, cant wait. You too look like a match made in heaven. the black n whites are my fav also.

  • Tracie McNeair

    Great pictures!!! I hope that everyday that you spend together is a testament to the strength of your relationship and that you have a lifetime of happiness together!

  • As the father of the bride, I have just one word: STUNNING…and Ken looks ok too ;-) Great pics guys :-)

  • Robin Hall

    Beautiful Pictures! Love the location!

  • Leigh Lovelace

    I really LOVE your pictures! You both look so happy. I’m so excited for you. :-)

  • Peggy Hopkins

    Great pictures! Good idea adding the sunset pics. In 20 years when you look back you will be glad you had engagement photos professionally done to remind you of this special time in your relationship.

  • Makayla

    These turned out fantastic! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

  • Serena

    These are wonderful! Can not wait to see the wedding pics in March!! :)

  • Cristen Bartelheim

    Pictures are amazing. You guys are too cute. Can’t wait til March.

  • Birdy Bartelheim

    Amazing! I really enjoyed viewing your pictures.

  • Tyran

    Awwwwww…sooo beautiful!!!

  • Prerak

    Guys…….awesome pictures……….You guys look great together.Congrats!!!

  • Helen

    Gorgeous photos!

  • Dawn

    Beautiful Pictures! Love the location!

  • Mike

    I like the 3rd photo a lot. Nice background. Nice pose.

    Number 8 in front of Federal Hill is nice. Captured a good moment. The look on her face is great as well as her smile.

    I like all of the photos with the sun glare.

    The second silhouette is good too.

    The ones ones where the groom is kind of dipping her are intimate and special.

  • Vicki Clark

    Shendel, These are beautiful. I love the one where Ken has you in a dip and your foot is off the ground. And the one where you are hugging him from behind. You both look so much in love! All are really really good. When you are old and gray and showing all your grandkids, you will be so happy you had these done.

  • Kathleen

    That’s a great set of photos! I like the first several, with the city fuzzed out behind you…it’s like the entire world is there below you, but you’re totally unaware of it because you only have eyes for each other. Lots of really nice poses, shows the intimacy the entire way through with all the little hand gestures and caresses. The only photo I didn’t like is the one with you both on the park bench looking straight at the camera–that’s too much of an ordinary photo, rather than one where the camera seems to have caught you unawares while you’re in the middle of an intimate moment.

  • Tracy

    The pictures are stunning! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Wishing you many years of good health and happiness.

  • Brian Price

    These pics look great!! Thank you so much for making this part of the wedding experience so smooth and fun. We had a blast doing the pics and I can thank you enough for your hard work. Cant wait to see them all and I will def. pass your name on to future friends or people I know that are getting married. Thanks again !!!

  • Mike Bartelheim


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