Federal Hill and Harbor West Engagements : Christina and Tim

I am still a little behind on blogging from last year and one of the things that I didn’t blog were some engagement shoots. These engagement shoots weren’t just any engagement shoots, though — they were actually some of my absolute favorites.

One of those shoots was this one, with Christina and Tim. Federal Hill is one of the most photographed locations in the city, as anyone who has shot up there (or even run up there) knows. Go up there on any given day of the week at practically any time of the week, and there’s a photographer. It’s not hard to see why; it’s got an amazing view of the city. But one of the things that I want to accomplish with each shoot is to give a slightly different perspective, even if I’ve shot there several times. I want each shoot to be like my first time shooting at that location, so I always am looking for new points of view while I shoot. I met Christina and Tim up at the top of the hill for some of the classic Federal Hill shots and then we moved on from there to the surrounding area and then down to Harbor West, for what turned out to be a spectacular sunset. There was even one point where the moon came out during the sunset, which was pretty cool.

I can’t wait to shoot Christina and Tim’s wedding in June; it was a blast working with this photogenic couple, who are so comfortable and cute together. And many thanks to Todd Wilson, who came along with me on this one and helped me out a ton!

  • Lovely couple well captured. The pictures are amazing

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