Fabulous Fusion Folios are Finally Here!! (say that a few times fast!)

Gah!!! I am so excited. Why? Because I love rolling out new products. And I love new products that I know my brides are going to love! :)

So, the fabulous new product for today? CD Fusion Folios!  From now on, all my brides will receive these beautiful custom-designed CD cases with their wedding day discs.  I like to spoil my clients, because I love them and they’re pretty awesome. And these CD folios are pretty awesome too.  They combine the beauty and luxury of both a fabric folio in tons of gorgeous shades with a beautiful photo cover.  I love them and I am sure you will too!  For the time being, these will only be included with wedding dvds, but they are available for ordering for engagement sessions also, just let me know if you want one!

  • Catherine

    Oh EM GEE! I want!!!

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