Ellicott City Shrine of Saint Anthony Engagements : Catherine and Josh

Tucked away in the hills of Ellicott City lies a beautiful Franciscan Monastery, the Shrine of Saint Anthony.  Besides being a place of peace and rich spirituality, the grounds of the monastery are quite spectacular, housing even some significant historical buildings (such as a house built by Charles Carroll).  The friars were so kind a few weeks back so as to let Catherine and Josh and I wander the grounds for their engagement session on a lovely Friday afternoon.  Throughout the session, the sun kept playing pee-a-boo with us and occasional dark and threatening clouds rolled in (without bringing rain, though, thank goodness!) — making for some interesting material to play with as we were taking pictures.  Even with the dark clouds, there was such an unmistakeable feeling of serenity the whole time — so lovely!

Of course, the afternoon was only made better by working with Catherine and Josh, who are so friendly and easy to get along with and so clearly and deeply in love.  Their pictures really reflect the affection they have for each other and how happy they are when they are together.  I loved the really cute signs they brought to the session and had such a great time with them!  I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding next year!

  • Hannah

    These are so spectacular! So excited for you guys :)

  • Shivany Trujillo

    These pictures are beautiful…. love

  • Meghan

    I love these pictures! You look beautiful, Catherine!

  • Catherine

    Hahaha! you can tell where I lost my earing. That’s funny

  • Rachel S

    Wow, you guys look already married! I love the pictures! especially the black and white ones!

  • Rachel

    I love the black and white photos.

  • Rachel

    Awww, these are absolutely gorgeous. I know these two very well, friends for four years now, and you really captured the love they share for each other.

  • Pops

    Great photo’s. Think the park bench is my favorite, all are very nice though.

  • Rebecca Murry

    The pictures turned out so well! Can’t wait to see the ones from the wedding!

  • Ashley

    So cute girl!! I love them all! So happy for you two! <3

  • Kelli Shimkus

    These pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! You really captured the love and beauty that these two have for each other. LOVE <3

  • Allie

    WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!!! Cat and Josh you guys are too adorable!

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