Ellicott City Engagements : Sara and Jeff

This engagement shoot is particularly fun for me to share because it involves two good friends of Patrick and mine : Sara and Jeff. Jeff and Patrick met a few years back through their service in the U.S. Army and, since they share the same sense of humor and opinion on most subjects, they became instant friends. It’s been fun the last few years getting to know Jeff and Sara and every time we get to hang out, there are usually more than a few laughs — I always look forward to it so much! When the boys start to speak military, it’s also good to know I have an ally in Sara who can roll her eyes and vent with me. :P I only wish they lived a little bit closer to us!

A few weeks back, Sara and Jeff came down to meet us in Ellicott City for their engagement session. Patrick has been tagging along on some shoots recently and I’m proud to say that some of my favorite shots in this set are actually his! We really had an awesome time with Sara and Jeff and I can’t wait for their wedding next year. Here are some of the best moments from their shoot!

  • Mikki Brownell

    These are the best engagement photos I have ever seen!!! Sara and Jeff look amazing!

  • Joanne Carruthers

    Love the pics of Sara and Jeff, two of my favorite people, can’t wait til next August!

  • Jen W

    Love Love Love them!!!!!!!

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