Covered Bridge Horse Farm Senior Shoot : Kelsey

Anytime anyone asks me to add animals to a photoshoot, I get excited because animals are so darned cute.  That said, there is no animal that I like (or want, haha) as much as the horse.  So, I was really excited as I headed up to Woodbine a couple weeks ago to meet up with Kelsey and her gorgeous horse, Kesh for Kelsey’s senior pictures! Kesh is quite a lively horse, actually, and it was amazing to see how well Kelsey can handle him — we caught several pictures of her surrounded by horses, which was so much fun.   I also loved wandering Covered Bridge Farms with Kelsey and getting to know her — she’s a really sweet and lovely young lady, with a beautiful smile and so many exciting things ahead of her!  I wish her the best this year as she finishes high school! :)

  • Marsha Buss

    Kelsey – coolest pictures ever!

  • marcela gonzalez

    Thank you for sharing.

    Beautiful shots!

    Love the colors and the background effects in the pictures.

  • Carol Schmidbauer

    Great pictures! I’m so glad we asked you to take them for us. They are really good and better than I thought considering how crazy Kesh was this day.

    Thank you soooo much!

  • M Payne

    These pics are beautiful – luv the shot w/ the open blouse !!! Thanks for sharing !

  • Jenny Smith

    These are beautiful pictures. Much better than those cookie cutter senior pictures.

  • Inna

    Kesh is a cutie. Kelsey is beautiful and is so much older than I remember! Lovely pictures.

  • Alan schmidbauer

    Simply the best.

  • Kelsey schmidbauer

    I love them!! Thank you:)

  • R. Phillips

    Great pics Kelsey, especially the one with you mounted on Kesh and clearly in control with no saddle! Kudos to the photographer for working so well with such photogenic subjects.

  • Susan Downard

    awesome pics- you and Kesh look beautiful!

  • Rachael

    Kelsey I LOVE these! You look so pretty =)

  • Lori B

    Kelsey, you look like a grownup! It seems like last week you were a beanpole tween girl! Great photos, and Kesh is obviously fat and happy.

  • Whitney

    Both Kelsey and Kesh look gorgeous!

  • Kristen Schmidbauer

    They are so good Kelsey! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

  • Erin Reilly


  • Lara miller

    That’s one sexy mama!

  • Karen Sheehy

    Great pictures Kelsey! You and Kesh look great together. These pictures will make wonderful memories for you. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karen Reilly

    Oh kesh what a handful! You guys look beautiful!

  • Lisa roberts

    WOW, I was floored to see the beauty in these of both Kelsey and Kesh! Looks like these came right out of a magazine. Incredible! I”m speechless!

  • Donna Kaiss

    Awesome pictures Kelsey! I love the closeup of you on Kesh and the closeup of you laying in the grass!

  • Robert Raver

    I think they are all great. My favorite is the one with Kelsey kissing the horse. Not only are they great photos but they capture her personality and love for animals.

  • Katie westwick

    Omg kelsey you are gorgeous.. very model..

  • You look good in all of them that I couldn’t pick a favorite

  • Great pic’s! Really does show Kelsey’s love for Kech. Very nice.

  • Mallory martin

    How pretty! Kesh is so cute

  • Grandpop Schmidbauer

    Beautiful pictures Kelsey. It’s obvious that Kelsey takes after her grandfather.

  • Marylyn

    The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Emily p

    You look so beautiful! Love you!

  • Ashley Gough

    kelsey they look so pretty!! Annabelle you do such a beautiful job every time! SOOO glad you used her keels!

  • Alayna Newsome

    Those r so good!! U & kesh look cute :)

  • Lyndsey Newsome

    I especially like crayola in te background ;)

  • karen schaefer mueller

    Carol–What a lovely daughter! Great pics. Kelsey reminds me of Donna. She definitely resembles your side of the family.

  • Jason Hoerr

    You look goregous. I love the pictures.

  • Nicole perry

    Omg so sexy!

  • pictures are great. You have turned into a fine and beautiful young lady. Mom and Dad should be so very proud. You look so natural and relaxed around the horses.

  • Jason hoerr

    I love these! You look so pretty

  • Venita Acolatse

    Very lovely!!

  • Richard Crosby

    Great Pictures. You are so beautiful. Grandma & Pappy loved them. We are so proud of you. We Love You!!

  • Bernadette Watson

    WOW… gorgeous pictures, these are really nice shots

  • Ella Cheung

    These pics are beautiful!! Have a great senior year Kelsey!

  • Tonya Cassidy

    Carol..these are so beautiful..your daughter is beautiful.

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