What’s Around the Corner — Just So You Know…

Happy June Everyone!

June just may be my favorite month of the year.  It always has felt like the start of the year in a way for me, odd as that may seem.  It could be because I lived 7 years in Miami, Florida and June means that I get to really start enjoying the warm and sunny weather I crave all year round.  It could be that along with that warm weather, I get to wear flip flops and sundresses, which make me so very happy.  More than those, though, I think that with summer there is an inherent feeling that life has begun again, people are smiling again, and that there just may be the chance that a trip to the beach is right around the corner.

I could happily spend the rest of my days at the beach.

Since June brings so much joy and new life to me, I figured June would be a good time to roll out some new things I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I want my photography blog to be a place where you can not only see amazing pictures of real people at their happiest moments — I want it to be a place where you all can get to know me!

So I’m introducing a few new blog categories.  First and foremost, every Monday you will be getting a little personal post under the new category “Just So You Know…”.  It will be general announcements or updates from the weekends, look for contest announcements here! Tuesdays will be  “Photo Tip of the Week”.  This will be for both people interested in photography and for people who pose for pictures, with general advice on all sorts of things.  Wednesdays will be “Addy’s and P’s” — otherwise known as Addictions and Pet Peeves.  This is a personal post, filled with an Annabelle-addiction (because I have many) and things that really annoy me, as a way of letting you get to know me a bit better.  Thursdays will be a just a personal post, of any nature. :)  And Fridays will be  “Photo of the Week”.  I’m going to use the opportunity to share with you not only pictures that I really love, but I’m also going to use this category as opportunity to push myself into taking new and interesting pictures.

So that’s it! :)

I’ve got an engagement and college-senior preview to work on…stay tuned for some photo posts later today.

Have an awesome week!


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