Camden Yards and Hunt Valley Agricultural Center Engagement : Nora and Neil

Spring is around the corner and Nora and Neil’s wedding is on Saturday, so there’s no time like the present to post their baseball and nature themed engagement session!

I’ve said it so many times that it’s probably a running theme in my blog posts: I get to go to some really cool places to take pictures. Last fall, one of those places included a Camden Yards engagement session with Nora and Neil, who met because of baseball (and the O’s!). It was so much fun wandering the stadium with them and taking some fun snaps of them in the iconic spots at Camden Yards. Later that afternoon, we headed over to the Hunt Valley Agricultural Center to do some pictures in a more natural setting. Strong rain and winds had done their best to get rid of some of the spectacular foliage there, but it didn’t get all of it and the sun couldn’t have been more perfect.

Love this session and can’t wait for Saturday!

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