I’ve always had a thing for farm shoots. It might be because I’m a country girl at heart or because there’s usually just so much there to work with or because animals are so handy for awesome moments — it’s probably that, and more. Last year, I caught up with Amy and Adam for their […]

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  • Maxx

    Damn that’s a nice scarf

  • Samantha Medney

    Love the photos! The nature and use of adorable animals are great touches!

  • Mary

    SO CUTE!!!

  • Nick

    I can hear Amy’s reaction to seeing the dog:


  • Cheryl Schultz

    I can feel their JOY exuding in every picture. You have captured it so beautifully and whimsically, too! Impossible to pick a favorite since they’re all GREAT!!!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful pictures! The sunset ones are GORGEOUS!

Starting us off in blog posts, we’ll hop over to Clipper Mill, where I enjoyed a perfect early morning shoot with Jessie and Zach. The thing about Clipper Mill that is so great for shooting is the texture. It’s got a really strong Chic/Crumbling/Industrial feel with really neat architecture and lots of fun strong lines […]

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  • Jeanne Cheney

    Loved all the photographs……..great work…….would highly recommend you to friends and family..

  • Kim Herzog

    Gorgeous photos!! Love the location!! If the engagement photos are this impressive, I can’t wait to see the wedding photos :)

  • Mindy

    Great pictures!

  • Mindy Helene

    Great pics!

  • Jessie

    What a fun day! Everything turned out so lovely, thank you Annabelle!

  • Alan

    Beautiful pictures, I really love the creative locations.

  • Jennifer


  • Zach

    Fantastic job! The photos are great!

  • Liz

    Such great photos!