Big News! (and a portrait shoot by Patrick, too!)

I made the announcement on my Facebook page last week, but here’s a follow-up on the blog. After second shooting with me for several years, Patrick is finally going to be making the move to shoot with me full-time! As we’ve been expanding, one of the things we have sought to find a way to fulfill is to have an associate shooter to refer clients to when I’m already booked for a wedding date. Patrick is a great solution for that: he’s been shooting “Annabelle-style” for a while and since our editing is all in-house, the post-processing is pretty seamless. He’ll be accepting solo weddings in 2015 for dates in which I am already booked.

In light of that, one of the things we want to do is highlight some of his own portfolio on the blog a little bit more. This recent shoot was taken entirely by Patrick, for example. Many thanks to Lindsay for being such an awesome model!

ADP-6 ADP-8 ADP-13 ADP-14 ADP-20 ADP-31 ADP-42 ADP-58 ADP-60 ADP-67


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