Behind the Scenes on a Shoot

Anyone who has ever done a shoot with me knows that I get really immersed in what I’m doing. I was always a thrill seeker who loved the outdoors, so maybe a little bit of that got carried over when I started doing photography. Whether it’s flattening myself to the ground, climbing a tree or a building, paddling out to the middle of a lake, or kicking off my shoes to wade into an icy brook in December (you do lose feeling in your feet after about 20 seconds, haha) — I’ve always been willing to do what it takes to get the shot I want.  When I got pregnant, though, it occurred to me that I wasn’t going to be able to do that as much! While Patrick did make me promise to stop climbing trees after a while, the adventurous side of me sometimes still tried for the tricky shots.

On Alison and Doug’s shoot, I was starting to need a little more help so Patrick came to assist (as he did during several of my engagement shoots). He managed to capture one of my balancing acts here:


I was trying to get this:

ADP-edited web

My mom yelled at me when she saw the picture Patrick took. :P I was almost nine months pregnant, after all. In the interest of full disclosure, though, he was only a few steps away and it was pretty dry on the rock I was standing. But there you have it — a rare glimpse into the before and after.

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