Baltimore Basilica and Engineer’s Club Wedding : Bianca and Michael

If you want to search for two of the most beautiful wedding venues in Baltimore city, you don’t have to look too much further than the Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore (which happens to be also known as “America’s First Cathedral”) and the Engineer’s Club, located at the Historic Garrett Jacobs Mansion.  Last weekend, I had the immense honor and pleasure to be able to photograph Bianca and Michael’s wedding at both sites!  The ceremony was in the early afternoon at the Basilica, which meant that the sun shining through the newly restored dome was absolutely spectacular. Then, after the ceremony, we headed over to Mount Vernon and the Engineer’s Club for some amazing bridal party and couple portraits: totally picture-perfect.

Bianca and Michael are such a warm and loving couple and what really struck me about their wedding is what strong and loving families they both come from.  It’s so easy to see why this couple just clicks as a result.  I loved the fact that Bianca chose for her twin brother to be her “Man of Honor” and that their wedding ceremony had readings in both English and Italian.  I can’t say  enough wonderful things about this couple and I wish them both so much joy and happiness.

  • Catherine

    Annabelle!!! These are so beautiful!!! I can’t wait until my turn!!!

  • Jim and C.C. Huminski

    Annabelle: These are a wonderful sampling of greats photographs. We’re very eager to see the full story of the wedding and reception told through your work.

    Thanks very much, Jim and C.C.

  • Buz and Flo Kompare

    Annabelle: We were fortunate to be able to attend this wonderful affair and the photographs just bring it all back. They are unique and emphasize not only the beauty of Michael and Bianca but the Basilica and the Engineers Club.

    You are truly an artist!

    Buz and Flo Kompare

  • Michael & Bianca

    Annabelle, these are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and we can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you so much for capturing the details of our wedding day so beautifully. YOU’RE THE BEST! =)

  • Anita

    Annabelle: Your photos allowed me to feel like I was there. Beautiful work…

  • Paula Gentile

    What a beautiful day! What beautiful photography to capture the
    the wedding of Bianca and Michael. It was truly a a wonderful
    event and one that will be forever remembered through your out-
    standing pictures.
    The Proud Mother of the Bride, Paula Gentile
    July 25, 2011

  • Donna DiGennaro

    Love the shoes! Everyone looks amazing! A very happy day.

  • Margaret Waters Davis

    Annabelle: I have know the Gentile family for many years. Under circumstances beyond my control I was unable to make it to the “Great Event” I say great event because of the beautiful pictures that you took, that made me feel I was there. Thank you for alouding me to see them. Michael and Bianca You are beautiful. Auntie”M” as the kids called me.

  • Keita Sullivan

    WOW is all I can say. You had great subjects to begin with and you are very very talented. Love the pics. Would highly recommend you based just on these!

  • Dave Brooks

    Amazing pictures of an amazing day, but then look what they had to work with! You both look amazing as well!

  • Amanda DiFrancesca

    Absolutely perfect day!! Your photographs definitely captured the moment!! Fantastic!

  • Jenny Rincavage

    WOW!! Such a beautiful wedding and party. The photos are so full of joy and family. I just love it!!! Wishing you all the happiest of lives!

  • Melanie Cochran

    What gorgeous photos! It was no doubt a beautiful day!

  • Michele Nichols - Amanda's Friend

    These pictures are just AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL!. I love the story it tells. I wish I had wedding photos like these.

  • Elizabeth Landers

    Love the fountain pix! What a beautiful wedding!!! Thx to Amanda for sharing :O)

  • Joe DiFrancsca

    Perfect day for a perfect couple! Very happy that I was able to share the day with you!

  • Marlene Lauer

    These photos are absolutely stunning. I feel like I’m back at the wedding. You have captured all the love and joy of this perfect day.



  • Anne Crossman

    Annabelle: BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for taking such amazing pictures :)

  • Aaron Johnson

    Gorgeous photos of an amazing day!! Congrats guys!

  • Molly

    These pictures perfectly capture one of the happiest and most beautiful couples I’ve ever known! Thanks for sharing!

  • Randy Troxell

    These pictures are amazing!! Every moment was captured.I appreciate you sharing them with us.

  • Chrisitna Sheridan

    What beautiful photos. Loving the blue shoes. Everything was absolutely gorgeous.

  • Nino Gentile

    What beautiful pictures to capture a beautiful day with such a beautiful couple as Bianca and Michael. Thank-you, Annabelle!
    Nino Gentile, Father of the Bride

  • Elizabeth Clement

    I am so glad that you shared these pics with me. Congratulations! There are some really fun, unique shots. My favorite is the one of the two of you on the stairwell. Beautiful!

  • Michele Nagle

    Bianca and Michael, you are a beautiful couple and these pictures truly capture the wonderful moments of your special day.

  • Michelle Bien

    What a beautiful bride! Looks like it was a perfect day!

  • Cathy

    What absolutely fabulous pictures of this beautiful couple! I love the poses of the couple and the wedding party! They are unique, whimsical and joyful! Michael and Bianca and their families must be thrilled with them!

  • susan giordano

    May I say that I am not sure I have ever seen such a beautiful bride…the joy captured in these photos is breathtaking…you did an absolutely amazing job of capturing the love shared by Bianca and Michael and their family and friends!!!

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